Cheesburgers in Paradise, Fritatas in the Underworld…

Cheesburgers in Paradise, Fritatas in the Underworld…

Today was a good day…

My home is clean and smudged, just in case our new People of Walmart neighbors drop by. Fatima’s hands are in the windows, and I’ve salted the sills. When I’m futzing around with my witchy supplies, it seems the answer usually makes itself cinematically clear. I’m continually improving my knowledge of herb lore, something I never had much of an interest in.

In memorium of a friend who took his life, my husband was asked to light a candle. Depression, mental illness, and debilitating pain led this man into a dark place, where he felt very unworthy of love and unable to go on. I didn’t know him well, but Spirit pounced on my heart chakra like a bat out of Hades underpants. I starting weeping, because I had a sort of emotional imprint of the sadness and pain he felt. My solar-plexus began getting wobbly, and I could feel his spirit hovering, not understanding that he no longer needed to be attached to his physical body. He’s confused, scared, and still trying to exist in those currents that run so deep and painful that his spirit can’t depart. Lighting candles was a great idea, but… I mean… I knew there was probably something I could do.

I’ve never had a situation like this. I’m not really connected to him in life, so there wasn’t a lot of emotional muck getting in the way of what I had to do. I asked Hecate to guide me, to help me to see what needed to be done.

On an aside, a huge theme in my life path is Work. Well… broomstick don’t fail me now, me hearties!

I prepared a small ritual, using what I had on hand. I keep a little magickal apothecary in my kitchen with the stuff I use regularly. The plants themselves have a certain spirit to them, so it’s not just symbolic. Barely for purification (who needs Holy Water? Barley does it!), Osha root to protect him from unhelpful spirits, and chamomile and St. John’s Wort flowers to inspire a release from depression. We lit a candle for him, and provided coins for boat fare… Gas, grass, or ass, Charon doesn’t let any one ride for free.

I went Under, and visualized the candles lit for him… He had a lot of friends and people who loved him, so candles were blazing today. Man, the tears were coming… I told him that his path was lit by those who loved him, that he was worthy of divine love, and when he was ready to depart, he’d have a chance to rest. I showed him the coins, and I asked Hecate to watch over him on his journey. I told him about the Underworld, or at least what I know of it.

I wished him a safe journey, whenever he was ready. The boat makes a lot of trips across the river Styx, if you know what I mean, and I think you do… Charon probably gets a diferential for working so many shifts.

I also did a really good reading for my sister, where we only broke into song twice.

We also had some awesome pulled pork for dinner, that I made! Me! The recreational vegan! WHAT?!!?!?

Oh Hecate, you’ve got me gardening, cooking, and guiding departed souls into the Underworld… On my day off, no less!

For all of it, I’m glad I could do something. I perceived the need, and I knew I could help. These strange imprints and psychic snapshots aren’t as jarring to me as they used to be. I wanted this, didn’t I? I feel good though. Physically well, and spiritually sound.

Maybe all of the shake-up with the dead people in my life was leading up to this… I was offered a chance to do The Work in a real and sustaining way.

It feels right. My teacher suggested eggs, onion, and garlic as proper offerings to Hecate. I hope she doesn’t want me to make her a fritata… I’ve got the slowcooker conquered, but I’m still afraid of the stove!

Little Altars Everywhere… Crikey! The Blog Header Is An Altar!?

Little Altars Everywhere… Crikey! The Blog Header Is An Altar!?

I had a little bit of fun with the logo, just keeping it whimsical, yet full of fun fuckery.

It’s a little reminiscent of a something I would doodle in a journal or a book of shadows. It’s a little light-hearted considering the seriousness of this blog at times.

But that’s where I am… It’s all a part of it, from fluff to snuff to magickally failing and falling on your duff…

I tell you, my friends…

That’s the stuff!

Design-wise, it’s a little busy, but each piece tells a different story about what it means to be a witch looking for answers. It’s not representative of my best work, but it’s certainly representative of “That’s cute! I like it!” realm.

I don’t design much these days. It brings out my snobbishness and OCD out in a bad way that makes my body hurt.

Still… I even managed to do a little coding. Yay me! So… that’s what’s up.

Hecate: Her Torches Show A Witch Which Way

Hecate: Her Torches Show A Witch Which Way


  by William Blake

Yesterday, I told Hecate that I was ready to do The Work.

We’re getting to know each other. By working through a new relationship with a god, I always learn something about myself and where the path will meander next. The shifts in focus are somehow related to nature and the change in season, but I haven’t been able to make the connection yet. (Note to self- Ask Hecate. She might know the answer.)

Recently, Hecate has called me to step into my big-girl shoes. Hecate is a goddess I’ve always revered and feared, but have never worked with. It’s not unlike my early relationship with Kali, sans the belt of heads and limbs. I’ve been through this before, with the whole…

Seasonal Deity Drift! THAT is what we shall call it! Son of a witch with a fried spam sandwich! I’ll have to ponder that…

 Hecate is new for me. I know the basics about her, but I am beginning to understand her significance for me at this point in my like. When I pulled my annual tarot card for the New Year, I got The Hermit. Not my favorite! I’m a single five, and sometimes I like to pompously speak on the pompatus of love in a scholarly fashion while Belle and Sebastian plays in the background! I have peaches, but who wants to shake my tree when I’m all hermity and smelly! I wanted (demanded) a re-draw.

You can’t always get what you want, but I got the moves like Jaeger! However, my lesson for this year is to recognize my true will versus my personal will. I may not want to do more deep work with a dark goddess, but for now it’s the gentlest path there is. I can choose, but it comes with consequences. Gentle, but deep and dark?

Her torches show a witch which way.

I’ve been struggling to come up from my comfy winter underworld haze. Hecate has hoisted me up from the daze. Walking with ease between the worlds is something she can help me with. I’m also still a bit too bright and shiny for the big and nasties, so I’m in need of powerful protection.

I’ve got a bit of reading and research to do about her, and some ritual of course. That’s the fun part of the work. Only the Universe knows what it will bring.

This morning she told me how to start the work.

I just remembered a book about magic and witchcraft that I loved as a kid… Jennifer, Hecate, MacBeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth by E.L. Konigsburg. I vaguely recall it. Perhaps rereading it is a gentle and fun place to start.

She told me to write.

Thank you, Lady. I’m listening.


Dead People Like Me.

Dead People Like Me.

I’ve been given the gift to move with ease through the worlds, with great heart and spirit…

“Circumvent the tension! Circumvent the pain!“ Marcelline says, but she has nothing to do with all this. I will talk about you later, if you don’t mind.

The thing is, Dead people like me. Dead people have started talking to me. DEAD PEOPLE! The cracks in the veil are just enough so that the things in between shadows catch my eye. Death has been everywhere in my life recently, and the Universe is saying, “You can’t escape it, my dear. Not even in your post-beltaine-hit-it-hit-it-yeah afterglow”. I’m not afraid, just curiously amused. We also have a little bit of clairaudience is all up in this witch’s ears. I’ve heard faint Beatles-esque pop and weird tamboura sounding music faintly playing. It’s not the first time of course, but the frequency and intensity has increased. I was thinking maybe I had tinnitus, but my doctor said nope! My ears are fine.

 Marcelline is a part of it, I suppose. I didn’t think about it before, but she’s a dead person! She’s the first dead person who isn’t one of my grandparents that’s contacted me. This is HUGE stuff, when you consider it in relation to my Persephone path and my craft. Maybe death is my craft… It’s all over me like flies to honey.

 Yet, I’m not afraid. Fear and anxiety was stamped out by Kali-Ma’s blackened and burnt foot. Still, there is nothing to fear. It doesn’t even bother me that much. I have a bit more to learn, but that doesn’t bother me. The foundation is solid, and I’m ready to do the work. It won’t be easy, of course.

The Dead Man’s Party of 2012 is just getting started!

For now, I’ve got a little more time to relax in my current Mundanish phase. I’m enjoying my life as it is, right now. It’s been an amazingly mellow and lovely spring. Just being able to say “Hey, I’m a witch, and that’s okay” has helped me. My sudden catapulting into the priestesshood has humbled me. I can breathe. It’s all okay.

Still, there is work to be done! Spirit is persistent!

Through re-embracing my witchiness, I’ve come back to the sympathetic stuff that works. No occult or ceremonial ambitions here, for me low magick is where it’s at. It’s been a while since I went fireballs out and did some candle magick. I did a month-long working that I sort of botched. I’ve gone back over it, and I know what went wrong. Still, it’s yielded some surprising results.

I am blessed with a foundation of abundance, so I can move with ease through the worlds.

CLEAR VOICE (my sort-of-sometimes guide) informed me, deadpan as ever, that I was given this gift but I was to use it with great heart and spirit.

I move through the worlds with ease, in great heart and deep spirit.

I have a little work to do to figure out what the last part means, but I also have a little time.

A lot of people close to me have had loved ones pass very suddenly, just within the last two weeks. Something tells me that when the time is right, I might be called to help.

With great heart and spirit, I’ll be ready.