Be Here Now, Witch!

Be Here Now, Witch!

I’ve really gotten back to my roots over the last few months, in a spectacularly wickity-wacky kind of way. A little Lord and Lady never hurt anyone.  While I’m not Wiccan, I’ve been digging back into some of my old favorites over the last few months. There is something there for me in it, at least for this spring.

I’ve only had a few Sarasvati days, where the sun busts through black clouds, making my head pound as she does her work. A little knock or two from Shiva, but other than that nada.

It’s not like my gods to be so quiet, but I’ve figured out why.

This spring is really about Nature than it is about any particular god or goddess. I’m skipping to the dirty parts of Paganism… Nature itself! Not so much in the pantheistic sense. God=Nature=The Universe. The world awakens in Spring. I’m such a damn Persephone that I get really into it. SPRING… FUCK YEAH! Most springs, Nature is the canvas and whatever God or Goddess that drifts into my periphery is the star of the show.

This year? Nature is the star! I’m continuing my Persephone and Hecate work, of course, by focusing on the Lord and Lady in a more general sense has freed my senses up.

The oak trees know something that I don’t, but I’m not in the mood to be overly philosophical. One thing the gods assure me, “You will always have more than enough of what you need.” Ideas, knowledge, and my adventures with the gods are not going anywhere. I have plenty of time to read more. Explore more. Yet for now, I’ve accepted that it’s alright to keep it simple, and enjoy what my path adds to my life instead of letting it consume me.Which it can, depending on what you’re working on…

This is exactly what I asked Amma for. I wanted to balance my MunDanish life with my magickal one.

I have. Right now, my guide says “Be here now, witch”. 🙂