Dead People Like Me.

Dead People Like Me.

I’ve been given the gift to move with ease through the worlds, with great heart and spirit…

“Circumvent the tension! Circumvent the pain!“ Marcelline says, but she has nothing to do with all this. I will talk about you later, if you don’t mind.

The thing is, Dead people like me. Dead people have started talking to me. DEAD PEOPLE! The cracks in the veil are just enough so that the things in between shadows catch my eye. Death has been everywhere in my life recently, and the Universe is saying, “You can’t escape it, my dear. Not even in your post-beltaine-hit-it-hit-it-yeah afterglow”. I’m not afraid, just curiously amused. We also have a little bit of clairaudience is all up in this witch’s ears. I’ve heard faint Beatles-esque pop and weird tamboura sounding music faintly playing. It’s not the first time of course, but the frequency and intensity has increased. I was thinking maybe I had tinnitus, but my doctor said nope! My ears are fine.

 Marcelline is a part of it, I suppose. I didn’t think about it before, but she’s a dead person! She’s the first dead person who isn’t one of my grandparents that’s contacted me. This is HUGE stuff, when you consider it in relation to my Persephone path and my craft. Maybe death is my craft… It’s all over me like flies to honey.

 Yet, I’m not afraid. Fear and anxiety was stamped out by Kali-Ma’s blackened and burnt foot. Still, there is nothing to fear. It doesn’t even bother me that much. I have a bit more to learn, but that doesn’t bother me. The foundation is solid, and I’m ready to do the work. It won’t be easy, of course.

The Dead Man’s Party of 2012 is just getting started!

For now, I’ve got a little more time to relax in my current Mundanish phase. I’m enjoying my life as it is, right now. It’s been an amazingly mellow and lovely spring. Just being able to say “Hey, I’m a witch, and that’s okay” has helped me. My sudden catapulting into the priestesshood has humbled me. I can breathe. It’s all okay.

Still, there is work to be done! Spirit is persistent!

Through re-embracing my witchiness, I’ve come back to the sympathetic stuff that works. No occult or ceremonial ambitions here, for me low magick is where it’s at. It’s been a while since I went fireballs out and did some candle magick. I did a month-long working that I sort of botched. I’ve gone back over it, and I know what went wrong. Still, it’s yielded some surprising results.

I am blessed with a foundation of abundance, so I can move with ease through the worlds.

CLEAR VOICE (my sort-of-sometimes guide) informed me, deadpan as ever, that I was given this gift but I was to use it with great heart and spirit.

I move through the worlds with ease, in great heart and deep spirit.

I have a little work to do to figure out what the last part means, but I also have a little time.

A lot of people close to me have had loved ones pass very suddenly, just within the last two weeks. Something tells me that when the time is right, I might be called to help.

With great heart and spirit, I’ll be ready.


4 thoughts on “Dead People Like Me.

  1. Ooooooh, how exciting and awesome and amazing and wow for you!! (Iz jeluz) Dammit, why don’t we live closer??? I just want to sit down and talk with you for 7 hours… or days. Would be very interesting if you became a Death Worker.

    1. I’m jonesing for Canadian soil… If I did make it out your way, we would definitely not have any time to go shopping!

      1. What about sykype? I’m not set up now, but I will be once I get my home office properly set-up (which is like next weekend).

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