Here Comes Your Hanged Man

Here Comes Your Hanged Man

Last week’s Lovers was interesting at best… I pretty much nailed it for the work-related partnership, although there was a bit more to it than that. Of course! It would be unlike me to not have a card party working overtime on multiple cylinders. Yes, for sure. The Dream Team and I had quite a few meetings last week, and I helped them on a ton of projects. Probably more than I should have done, but I want to help them. Most of our coworkers and partners are exited that the King of Wands and the Queen of Cuppy-Pents (There was no princessing happening, as she left her swords at home) have teamed up, and there was a lot of activity to that end last week. His enthusiasm and motivation along with her ability to nurture and grow relationships is all money as far as I am concerned. I was along for the ride, mostly. It’s a very good thing for me. It doesn’t solve all of my work-related issues, but it is a good move towards the future. The whole week for me was very much focused on what was happening with Them. Their projects. Their new team. Their plans. I am totally okay with that. Their plans are my plans.

I am in a role that gives me a lot of flexibility at present, and I am seriously thankful to be given the kind of choices and autonomy I never had before. That choice is also integral to the lovers… an intersecting of paths, a crossroads, and a choice to make based on convictions and ethics in addition to partnerships and camaraderie.  It is, deep in my swordy-sense of justice and balance, the right path. The card didn’t tell me this, it simply confirmed it with a wink and a nod. I will be busy with the Dream Team, but the kind of busy I can handle and thrive within.

Also, an added bonus of the Lovers? The sex! There might have been lot’s of good sexin’ in my house, for no apparent reason. That’s certainly not a bad thing, is it?

For this week, I pulled The Hanged Man. This isn’t one of my regulars. I don’t see him often, and I never know quite what to do with him. My intuition says… “Don’t do anything.”

In the past few weeks, I’ve gotten back to my magickal roots and done a working or invocation if I’ve felt the card I pulled warranted it. For the Sun, I embraced it. No magick. For the Empress, I worked with Lakshmi a bit. For the Lovers, I felt it was right to bust out the the will-weaving in order to get myself in a more confident mind-set to be ready for the bright, bold onslaught of Wands & Cups & Pents & Princessing. I have a strange affliction with wandiness. It can come from me, but I get a bit jumbled if too much of it is coming from someone else. I worked it to bring myself to where I need to be mentally to work with these guys and not get overwhelmed. It’s a different way of working… Working with what the cards present in the MunDanish realm, rather than shooting ahead into more esoteric and mystical waters. It’s a bit more timely and immediate, and it seems pretty good for my focus, which can be uncharmingly Erisian at times.

Change perspective. Let go. Ride it out. Looking at the Hanged Man on the Jolanda deck, he seems tranquil. Comfortable. Not terribly worried. The fish in the waters below aren’t of real concern to him, although he cannot see them. They are friendly. The flying fish are singing to him, I think. Jabbering a bit. He’s not really paying attention. He is not afraid. He just is.

What me, worry? He’s got shit to do when he hoists himself off that branch, but he’s not worried about it now.

I can’t clearly see what this specifically pertains to, but since it’s the Hanged Man, I am not even going to try. No workings. No invocation. No pathworking. I am going to let go, and let gods. If I am meant to figure it out, I surely will.

I get the obnoxious feeling that I need to do some kind of balancing work. Maybe I need to start tai-chi again? Bust out the yoga ball?

The Hanged Man says… “Dude… We’ll see… Dude…”

I think I have a good inclination as to the Hanged Man’s recreational habits, and I can’t say I disapprove. No, I’m not holding, but I’m cool, man. I’m cool.

Besides, I’ve got some kind of flu buggy today. I don’t have the energy to do anything. The Hanged Man doesn’t lie.

Helloooooo Nurse? No! Helllllooooo Tarot Nusantara!

Helloooooo Nurse? No! Helllllooooo Tarot Nusantara!

I just got my Tarot Nustantara in the mail today! Squee! Deck interview time!

I think my copy might have been a bit grumpy upon arrival, so I am going to give it a day or two to chill until I mess with it again.

Hi! It’s nice to meet you! Welcome to my Tarot Basket. So… Tell me about yourself…

9 of Wands

Oh… I get it. You’re not entirely sure how you feel about things yet. A bit on the defensive, yes? I know, we speak different languages, but I’ve got to tell you that your images really transcend the language barrier. I’m going to have some hiccups with your court cards, but other than that I’ve shuffled through you and the images just pop! I’m excited to work with you, for what it’s worth. Other than RWS clone, I don’t know of a deck whose symbolism snaps, crackles, and pops so much for me. Maybe I’ve come on too strong, and it’s a bit much for you?

I saw all of those colorful patterns and swirly shapes, and I thought we’d have fun. Why so serious?

The Chariot

I totally get it now. My excitement to start shuffling and my criticisms of the paper nubbins on your edges, and the flimsy nature of the stock you’re printed on was a bit of an imposition on my part. No wonder you were on the defensive. You’ve made a very long journey to your destination. Who knows what hibbity-jibbity uber-Wiggins you picked up on the way… You must be exhausted! And I was way too intense with my criticism and my squees. I take it that you’re a bit calm, collected, and rational. Totally unexpected. Maybe I need to get to know you to see your quirky side.

What can I do to make this easier for both of us?

4 of Swords

Ahhhhhh… I see. You had a long strange trip. You need some rest. Not a problem. I got this really cute pouch/wallet thingy at Tar-Jay that is turquoise with an orange peace sign on it. It was $1.67 on the clearance rack! Perfect mini-deck size! Since you didn’t come with a box, I’d say it will probably do you up nicely until I can find something a bit fancier. I am thinking you’d thrive with orange, aqua, and gold. I love the muted-brights palette. Lovely…

So… maybe we should talk tomorrow?

10 of Pents

Yes, the sun will come out tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. I will never go hungry again. I get it. You do have a sense of humor.

A dry sense of humor?

4 of Cups

You’re right… I didn’t see that one coming. Touché, Nusantara… Touché!

Anything else?

The Hermit

Alright, alright… I’ll let you rest for a while. Believe it or not, I’ve got an altar or two. Once of which would be a lovely place for a disco nap… without the disco.

Which altar do you want?


Persephone it is then… It’s a bit more springy than deathy, I gotta warn you. I change it up with the seasons. I’m probably going to switch it up for summer soon, but I think you’ll like it. Sleep tight… Don’t let anything chthonic bite! I doubt you will. You’ve got some wandy fire in ya… I can tell.

Tomorrow is another day, and I’ll get my divination on, Nusantara style in due time.

Many Paths Up Monkey Mountain

Many Paths Up Monkey Mountain

The Lovers is my card for the week, but it definitely got me to thinking about how it could potentially play out, or what it’s related to. At work, there is a possible partnership forming between two of the people I work with. For me, it’s a win-win. I work with both of them, and teaming with them could be a very good thing for me. They’re both very talented, but I am good at what I do also. For the longterm, I am seeing a far different situation than I might have seen myself in prior to this. I am not just a lackey… I am actually valued! It wouldn’t change my day to day much, but it does change the focus of my work. I’d end up working for fewer people, and that would be rather helpful. We’re in a spot now where talks are being made, details ironed out, and ethical treatments of hypotheticals are being discussed. I see the Lovers as manifesting the beginning of this partnership as it should be, not as it’s been to this point. Ethics has been a huge part of the discussion and the decisions made around them. This is another reason why I think the Lovers seems to show up so strong.

So… Let’s read! Is this new partnership a good thing for me in the longterm? Both professionally, developmentally, and lucratively? I am doing a modified Past / Present/ Future spread. It’s more of a Past / Present / Paths to Take kind of deal.


The Ace of Pents

When Parner #2 came on board a few months back, I was really thinking that he was going to be good to work for or that it would be a good change for me. I see the Ace of Pents being the beginning of that relationship, with so much potential of the professional and monetary kind. He’s a King of Wands. His personality card is The World. His soul card is the Empress. It’s never bad to run the numbers on your co-workers if you’re trying to figure out how best to work with them. Seriously. For me it’s made a difference in how I relate to some of them, knowing how they tick. K of W brings it for sure. That Ace of Pents is showing him rolling on to the scene.


6 of Win

Oh yeah… For right now, this partnership is definitely good. Partner #1 is a serious Queen of Cups, with a sharp Queen of Swords edge if her convictions are called into question. She is a really good match for K of W and myself. My natural Hierophantiness overrides my wandy-ego at work. I wish I knew her birthdate, and I’d run her cards. I see a lot of The Empress in her, but also quite a bit of Strength too. It’s a fairly well balanced team. I keep forgetting that they’re bringing someone else on board for part of my territory, but that person doesn’t seem as integral to my future as this one does. It is a WIN for me, and everyone else.

Future on Current Path

9 of Pents / 8 of pents / 7 of cups

Basically, it will give me the kind of career I aspire to have. I will be recognized for being the best in my field. Experienced. Knowlegeble. Wordly. Wise. Well-Dressed. A classy dame. This partnership will give me the resources necessary to look at my career, and truly deliberate my next move. Sure, being a classy dame who knows her shit well doing what I do now has it’s perks. Yet the unlocked potential that lies behind Door#2 is just as alluring. This partnership opens many doors for me. I will have options and choices I may not have otherwise had.

Future on Another Path

9 of Swords / Knight of Swords / 5 of Pents

Had I continued to work for my old boss, the Lamp Stealer… ewwwwww… Mr. Knight of Wands was abnormally unpleasant at times, causing me a ton of anxiety. My sleeping patterns were awful. I was always swordy and on edge. I found it hard to focus on any positive aspects of working for that awful man and his quirks. I never expected him to leave, but you know… it’s made all the difference in the world.

What Do I Need To Know to Stay On The Correct Path?

9 of Cups / Justice / 2 of Swords

If You Wish… Basically, if I want for it to happen, I can make it happen. It’s only good, and for sure this partnership is the *right* path for me. It’s where I am intended to go, cutting the air with a sword, following a delicately balanced but carefully plotted course. I can balance working for the two of them. I am actually the balance between them. They both have strong personalities, and my abilty to balance and mediate will only help it to grow and thrive. Plus, I see the 9 of Cups as being a nod towards will. If I want it to happen, it will. And… it will fulfill all that I personally, professionally, and monetarily require.

Okay, Lovers… do what you gotta do!

My Baby-Mama’s Got Some Empress Drama…

My Baby-Mama’s Got Some Empress Drama…

Card of the week? The Empress.

I was thinking… “Oh neat! A week of creativity, bounty, abundance, and prosperity! Maybe I’ll get a bonus! Maybe Fuji apples will be on sale! Maybe I’ll finally find time to macramé myself a thong! Oh joy of great joys!”

Well, that’s not exactly how it went.

It’s like the masses have done and got themselves baby fever over the last week! BABY FEVER! GAHHHH!! Everywhere I look, there’s a fucking baby! And another baby! And another stupid baby! And a pregnant mom! And another one! And another friend or co-worker dropping the spawn bomb! Can I get a witness? Now, for the record I don’t have kids, and I don’t ever want them. I don’t like small infants, and don’t understand the fuss about babies. I just don’t care for them. I’m not at all excited by the idea of popping one out. I am missing the mom-gene. You know that weird emotional/biological desire that many people have to breed for procreation, not recreation as I prefer it? That thing that makes you want to be a parent? I don’t have that. I am totally missing it. I really don’t understand. I feel that way about puppies. I love puppies. I want to be surrounded by puppies. I can’t resist them! I think my baby-bucket is broken. I’m not totally heartless. I like kids once they’re old enough for me to find them entertaining… and likewise. I rock at peek-a-boo!

This Empress action was a bit of a smirk on her part. I don’t give all of the Empresses motherly aspects enough credit, apparently. I tend to gravitate towards more abstract ways of expressing creativity, not baby-popping-outing creation of life kind of creativity. They’re… very different approaches, unless we’re talking some fucked up kind of tantric art school sex.  I might approve of that. Obviously, The Empress thought I needed to be schooled. It was like Bring-Your-Baby-Or-Your-Baby-Mama To Work Week. Two more co-workers with spawn-bombs. Much discussion of babies and my not having of them. I could not escape the Baby Train. ATTACK OF THE 20′ Ft BABY! BWWAHAHAHAH! I even got shit for my pragmatic view on parenthood… By planning ahead, I essentially talked myself out of it. The pros and cons just don’t stack up for me.

People need to mind their bizness, Empress.

Still… I did have an abundance of migraines. I won’t doubt the lady or her power again.

Next week? I pulled The Lovers. I think it pertains to a potential business partnership that may be forming, that could really benefit me a lot. We shall see, won’t we?

Casual Friday… According to the Hierophant

Casual Friday… According to the Hierophant

Bureaucracy... There's nothing that the Hierophant enjoys more! Nothing!

The ever-verbose Hierophant informs the team at Acme Arcana, Inc. about a few Casual Friday Guidelines…

In an attempt to cultivate synergistic paradigms within our strategic team-building initiative, The Emperor has reinstated our Casual Friday Privleges! Please understand that this is a privilege, and NOT a right! In the spirit of “fun”, we’d like everyone to have the freedom to be a bit more relaxed and comfortable in the work place, helping to increase productivity and improve workflow. Again, please keep in mind that this is a privilege, and NOT a right! If your name is The Devil or the Magician, that is specifically directed at you. Unlike last time we attempted to have Casual Friday, we’ve put some guidelines in place to ensure that everyone will feel comfortable while also adhering to professional standards and corporate guidelines.

We’ve installed a full-length mirror next to the water-cooler, so that you may properly inspect your wardrobe and ensure it is up to the correct standard. Should you find yourself wearing any of the following UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS you will be SENT HOME:

  • No clothes at all… If your name is The Star, The Lovers or the World, this means YOU. Ladies, this is a place of business and not a brothel. Please cover it up. Your “birthday suit” is not the same as a business suit.
  • Long Robes, Veils or Gowns With Trains… Ask yourself “Does my garment drag on the ground when I walk? Does it often get stuck in the wheels of my office chair causing me to whine and bleat like a pissy little sheep? Does my veil obstruct my view of my computer monitor making my TPS reports take twice as long? Am I a Hermit, High Priestess or Empress?”. If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to go home and change. NOW. It’s a safety issue, per OSHA standard rule #666.
  • Skinny Jean Man Leggings… The Fool and the Hanged Man… Are you under the mistaken impression that you are at a rock concert? While I love the punk-emo-rocking-and-rolling myself, it is not proper work attire. It’s fine for “hanging out”, but please wear properly fitting pants in the office. Are we cool, “bros”? Remember… “Bros before hose”… Pantyhose are not proper attire for a professional man, even one from Pixieland.
  • Bondage Attire or Anything That Could Cause a Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit… Save it for intimate moments with friends who aren’t co-workers, Mr. Devil. If it has chains, spikes, latex, or requires one being “hog-tied”, it is not work appropriate. REALISTIC FAKE PHALLUSES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE AND THE WEARING OF ONE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISCIPLINARY ACTION!!!! We will allow the wearing of cod-pieces for religious reasons. Please see managment.
  • Casual Friday DOES NOT Mean “Bring Your Pets To Work Day”… If your name is The Chariot, The Sun, Death, The Fool, Strength or The Moon, I am talking to YOU. This is an office, not a ZOO! Leave your furry friends at home, please! Yes, I know you all think it was very amusing that The Fool’s dog tried to molest one of the Chariot’s prize Sphinxes, but I WAS NOT AMUSED! If I want to watch furry beasts in a carnal embrace, I’d go in the internet. At home, NOT at WORK!
  • Casual Friday DOE NOT Mean “No Shower Friday”… Most of you are hygenic enough for a group of complete and utter amateurs, dilltantes, ne’er-do-wells, freaks, and mutants. Some of you, despite your sterling credentials, fine education, knowledge, wisdom and valuable years of experience, have a bad habit of smelling like a rabid, shut-in grizzly bear with crotch-rot who rolled in hot garbage with Lady GaGa. Why dance around it? You all know who I am talking about. Hermit. On a good day, I’d say you smell like death, but Death often smells better than you do thanks to that Axe body spray The Magician so lovingly bequeathed (Thanks, Dear Brother!). On a bad day, I am often torn over fumigating your cube, or calling the health inspector. Why do you think we’ve banned egg salad and cruciform vegetables from the office? CASUAL FRIDAYS DOES NOT MEAN YOU MAY SKIP HOSING DOWN BY THE MAINTENANCE SHED BEFORE ENTERING THE BUILDING! Am I making myself clear?

So bust out your craziest Hawaiian shirts, cleanest khakis and get ready for Casual Friday Fun! The Emperor told me all about some really cool new clothes he just had shipped in from Europe, and I just can’t wait to see what was in that package!


The Hierophant
CFO, Director of HR, and Maintenance Coordinator of Acme Arcana, Inc.

P.S. Please initial next to each bullet point, sign and date the bottom in blue ink, so I know for sure that you read and understood the contents of this memo.



The Magician

Who Loves The Sun?

Who Loves The Sun?

"The Sun" from the Jolanda Tarot... The Moose is LOOSE!

I often find myself getting bogged down by pulling too many cards. The problem is, I get curious and I want more details. Can I help it if I am one inquisitive little humanzee? I CAN HAZ MOAR CARDZ PLEEZ! No. No you can’t. I decided to try something different this week. Rather than pulling a few cards, doing a spread and promptly forgetting about it, I just pulled one for the week. Instead of using it for divination, I thought I’d let the week unravel and see where it manifested. Divination is one of the tarot’s most best-known uses, but I know that I tend to fixate on that at times. Why not… well… not? I focused more on where the card itself showed up throughout my week, rather than on some random events that were attached to it. It simplifies things, and I found it wasn’t at all bad. I tend to use RWS based decks for readings most often, and if I am doing any type of divination that would be my first choice. For my Card-O-The-Week, I thought that something a bit more abstract and surreal might be better. A deck that I don’t use often enough to have a lot of associations with particular cards. I’ve been in a deck-rut lately. My trusty little pocket RWS with it’s pretty teal Fossil jewelry case container has been seeing waaaaay too much action lately. It’s my go-to choice for any kind of reading for other people, and it’s a good consistently all-round choice for myself. It always delivers, where Thoth refuses and the Illuminated tap dances (I love my Illuminated, but sometimes it softens the blow too much).

For a week of Cardy Goodness, I went with Jolanda. Jolanda is always quirky, and isn’t too attached to traditional ideas about anything. Not even traditional ideas about tradition. For last week, I pulled The Sun, of course! This could not have been better timing. The Sun manifested itself quite strongly for me, and consistently too. Even if I hadn’t have pulled it, I no doubt would have felt it.

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Don’t Panic! It’s Just The Tower of Death, Devils, and Taxes…

Don’t Panic! It’s Just The Tower of Death, Devils, and Taxes…

When reading for people who aren’t tarot-savy, nothing seems to throw them as badly as getting The Devil, The Tower, or Death. Now, these guys aren’t my particular favorites either, but it’s all about context. I see no need to panic until I have all the details, and I try to assure the querant of that as well. In my not-so-humble opinion, when you’re in the reader’s seat, it’s part of your responsibility. Don’t let them panic… It can throw the reading. I’d rather say something to them before they say something to me.

"I know what you’re thinking. This gnarly goat-guy with pentagrams and two people in chains may not mean what you think it means. Let’s get a few more of the details, shall we? No need to rush to judgement until all the facts are in!"

I’m not saying you have to sugar-coat everything, although I have a bad habit of doing that. Looking at the positive aspects of a bad situation is not sugar-coating, and rephrasing the power-packed punches in the gut with a little bit of semantical magic isn’t such an awful thing. I don’t like to scare people, and many I encounter still regard the tarot with a bit of aprehension and awe. Maybe they have the right idea. Maybe I could learn a lesson or two from them. Those three cards really hit people on a visceral level, partially because of imagery and partially because of conditioning. When it comes down to it, most of the people I’ve read grew up in the US and still hold on to many of the societally-driven Christian mores that can be so prevalent here. Whether you’re thumpin’ up a Bible-beating frenzy, or keep a small lock of Richard Dawkin’s hair in a locket (and if you do, you might want to seek help.)… The images are powerful. They can strike a person right straight where it counts without a wink or a nod.

Is that such a terrible thing? Yes and no. Tarot is a fantastic conduit towards the non-Mun-Danish world. It’s not all Sweetness & Light & Glittery Lipgloss… I’d totally opt for lipgloss that is shimmery with tiny reflective specks, that wasn’t stick with big dollar-store glitter chunks if it was me, but… Dayum. Someone needs to make a trip to the MAC store! A deck just can’t run the gamut of the human experience without the Biggity Bad cards. The look on someone’s face when they get Death says it all. A wide-eyed look of "WTF?!?! This is exactly why I’ve always been afraid to get a tarot reading! OH MY GOD(S) I AM GOING TO DIEEEEEEE!!!"

Yes. You are going to die. So is everyone else. Frankie says relax and so do I.

I look at it objectively. I look at the story that is unfolding in front of me. It’s a process. Maybe Symbolic Death As An Archetype means literal death, but more often than not is does not. People ask "But how do you know?". The story often tells itself, and doesn’t take a lot of effort on my part to interpret (Shhh… don’t tell them that. They still think it’s spooky-ooky magic or some shit like that). I’ve never had it come up for someone else where I could see very clearly that Death=Death, but it’s come up for me personally on several occasions. Not pleasant, but it’s part of the process.

All you can really do is take it one reading at a time. If a Tower comes up and someone is panicking over it’s appearance without seeing for themeslves where it fits, I’ll just flip a few extra over. How can we avoid this? How can we make the best of this? There are always options. I’d hate anyone to worry needlessly because of something I said or pulled during a reading. It’s an ethical issue to me. People must understand that these are just possibilities, and that they do have choices. Do I choose to freak out during Tower Time, or do I make the best of my resources to weather the fiery-brimstoney storm? The cards and I can give ideas, but we can’t do it for you. I am contemplating calling PMS "Tower Time", as it’s alarmingly apropo in my case. How many alarms? Oh… I don’t know… probably… THREE!

Death… Well, transformation is never easy but sometimes it’s neccessary and good. On the RWS, those people look awful relieved to see the skeletal man in black though, don’t they? Maybe he has candy for everyone! Maybe they want to sell him some chicklets! Maybe he is there to rape, pillage, and burn that mother down. Maybe he’s there to ask if they’ve accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Maybe he thinks the whole Grim Reaper thing looks cool. Because it does.

The Tower… Yeah. It’s all kinds of fucked up. You can leave town, stock up on supplies and weather the storm, call a contractor in to reinforce the masonry, take a fistful of Xanax and sleep through it, jump through the window like those other folks, or make a rescue plan. There is water at the bottom. Get a boat. CHAOS! PANIC! DRAMA! FIRE! AHHHHHH! THE BEES, NO! NOT THE BEES! Just chill, bro.

The Devil… No, it’s not Satan Pants McBeezlebubbles. It’s probably your personal Devils. You got some. I got some. Everybody’s got some. Ever had a monkey on your back? This monkey’s got horns, biatch. Let’s take him to the zoo and leave him there. Devils can be useful. Lust, avarice, bondage, and greed aren’t all bad. They make for a really fun Saturday night if you ask me, although I’m pretty sure that you didn’t.

It’s not so bad. They’re just plot points in the story. Sure it’s the querant’s story, but a good story teller knows how to spin a narrative that gets the protagnist safely to Happily Ever After at the end.

I’ll empower you with what you need to help you make a decision or choose the right path. It’s on you to not get mired in the specific appearance of a card that makes you feel icky, and look at the big picture. Yes, you feel icky. We can address that. Baby + bathwater + throwing= DON’T. That is really hard for some people. They see that Devil, and they are done.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If it makes you feel icky, it’s trying to tell you something in the strongest way possible. Let’s shuffle, flip, and see if we can’t find out why.

You know what’s really icky? Goatse tarot. You’re flipping through a normal RWS deck, and… SUPRISE! QUEL HORROR! I’ve never seen anyone do that, but it would be totally hilarious if it happened to someone else who wasn’t named Eris Hilton.

Sure, I am probably over-simplifiying it, but I’ve had more and more of these situations come up as I read for people. It’s a whole different wagon of waffles than reading for yourself. I’ve had several people tell me that I was spot-on a previous reading, which simply tells me that whatever I am doing as a reader, it must be working. At least for me.

Let the 6 of WIN begin!