Hecate: Her Torches Show A Witch Which Way

Hecate: Her Torches Show A Witch Which Way


  by William Blake

Yesterday, I told Hecate that I was ready to do The Work.

We’re getting to know each other. By working through a new relationship with a god, I always learn something about myself and where the path will meander next. The shifts in focus are somehow related to nature and the change in season, but I haven’t been able to make the connection yet. (Note to self- Ask Hecate. She might know the answer.)

Recently, Hecate has called me to step into my big-girl shoes. Hecate is a goddess I’ve always revered and feared, but have never worked with. It’s not unlike my early relationship with Kali, sans the belt of heads and limbs. I’ve been through this before, with the whole…

Seasonal Deity Drift! THAT is what we shall call it! Son of a witch with a fried spam sandwich! I’ll have to ponder that…

 Hecate is new for me. I know the basics about her, but I am beginning to understand her significance for me at this point in my like. When I pulled my annual tarot card for the New Year, I got The Hermit. Not my favorite! I’m a single five, and sometimes I like to pompously speak on the pompatus of love in a scholarly fashion while Belle and Sebastian plays in the background! I have peaches, but who wants to shake my tree when I’m all hermity and smelly! I wanted (demanded) a re-draw.

You can’t always get what you want, but I got the moves like Jaeger! However, my lesson for this year is to recognize my true will versus my personal will. I may not want to do more deep work with a dark goddess, but for now it’s the gentlest path there is. I can choose, but it comes with consequences. Gentle, but deep and dark?

Her torches show a witch which way.

I’ve been struggling to come up from my comfy winter underworld haze. Hecate has hoisted me up from the daze. Walking with ease between the worlds is something she can help me with. I’m also still a bit too bright and shiny for the big and nasties, so I’m in need of powerful protection.

I’ve got a bit of reading and research to do about her, and some ritual of course. That’s the fun part of the work. Only the Universe knows what it will bring.

This morning she told me how to start the work.

I just remembered a book about magic and witchcraft that I loved as a kid… Jennifer, Hecate, MacBeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth by E.L. Konigsburg. I vaguely recall it. Perhaps rereading it is a gentle and fun place to start.

She told me to write.

Thank you, Lady. I’m listening.



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