Reading in the Real World

Reading in the Real World

I recently did something kind of amazing for a tarotista… I spent the whole weekend doing tarot readings at a local psychic fair! WHOOHOOO!

It materialized in the way all things meant to happen should… Out of nowhere, with everything perfectly falling into place within a short time. The psychic fair was in a gorgeous space in the historic downtown district where I used to live. Thanks to my tarot teacher, I procured a fantastic booth at the very last minute, no late fees! Her suggestion was to get business cards, a table cloth, fresh flowers, and a sign in a nice picture frame. It was important to me to create a sacred space within the space, to invite you in with color, warmth, and hospitality. I also wanted to give people the opportunity to try tarot without a significant investment. $10 for 10 minutes is cheap, but my goal was to get some real hands on practice, talk to people, and make it fun for everyone! Like breakfast cereal with marshmallows! Yay!

I was steadily busy the whole time! My tarot teacher was a few booths away, and gave me some tips to get me through. I discovered that she too sneaks smoke breaks between readings! I was sugar and nicotine powered the whole day! It was needed. The space was hopping with a lot of energy, and my batteries got sapped after 2-3 readings. I was busy enough to do streaks of four or five readings in a row at times, making excuses to slip away and sit outside to recharge.
I started my first day using a few different decks, but on day two, I narrowed it down to the Spiral Deck. The gentle energy and imagery complimented readings in such a energy-heavy environment. I used my own timeline spread for most, along with a relationship spread. To begin, I used the querant’s DOB to figure out their personality card (using the method in Mary K. Greer’s “Tarot Constellations”). Then, I asked if they had a specific issue or if there were any areas of their life that were current priorities. It’s not easy to coax an answer out of quiet or indecisive people, and my sales background helped me more than I thought it ever would. Knowing their personality card gave us something to chat about informally before I started shuffling, so they’d relax and open up. People love to hear about themselves! I only had a few lousy clients, and I actually made some money. Not too bad for the last minute?
One fun reading was for a mother and two daughters who were all hairdressers. I also enjoyed the junior high girl who asked for a reading about boys… and One Direction. I told her I’d look at her future relationships in one, two, and five years… while seeing what her favorite boy band du jour was up to. The best part was seeing her dad come up behind her “O-M-G… My dad is standing right behind me, and we’re talking about BOYS! This is so embarrassing!”.

“Honey,” I said, “I’ll keep an eye out for him. If I see him, we’ll change the subject for a minute.”

She ended up tipping me. Nice kid, despite her deplorable taste in music.

Everyone wants to know about relationships… I had no doubt, I had no idea how obsessed they were! I also had a group of pretentious little city twats with vacant energy darken my doorstep… My gut told me to say no, but I read regarding her “change of location” anyhow.

Her: “I’m having surgery.”
Me: “I don’t think you should consider moving until after you heal up.”
Her: (blank stare) “Heal? As if, like, from what?”
Me: “Um… You just told me you were having surgery? Usually surgery is indicative of a doctor cutting you open and sewing you back up again with some recovery time…”
Her: (blanker stare) “Huh?”
Me: “Yeah, so… Consult your medical professional before you move furniture. Moving on…”

Overall, it was fun, other than Buzzkill Barbie above. I made a little money, had fun, and feel a lot more confident about my abilities. I’m glad it all came together.
But I’m sooooooooooooooo glad it’s over! I was so tired after Saturday that I wanted to call in sick for Sunday. But no… I got my arse in gear. I took a nap as soon as I got home, but the day was otherwise a great success. I’m still tired.


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