The Priestess and The Pain

The Priestess and The Pain

One of my favorite lines from any movie is from the Princess Bride… It’s also one of the truest pieces of advice I’ve ever received.

"Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something."

To say that the Priestess Path is without pain is a cruel joke of the highest degree. The highest highs of that come with feeling my chakras spin in tune with the wheels of the universe, and the lowest lows that come from being ejected from the Good Spaceship Kali onto the jagged rocks below. Still, it’s all good… Even the bad. Pain is to be expected, and to live a life without it is quite rare indeed. I’ve chosen to go farther with my path than I’d ever thought possible, and while I’ll always still be learning, I feel as if I’ve earned my stripes to a degree. If I can withstand this, work with it, and try thrive, the pieces will fall into place.

And they have… Dear gods, they have… I’m done asking myself if I’m ready, because ready or not, the wheels and the gears are in motion. I accept the job of helping others to be armed with what they need to make the journey for themselves… The fact that I’m still here living and breathing (no joke), is because the right teacher came along at the right time, and she encouraged me to boot my arse into gear. Knowing what a Hierphant I am, it makes sense that I’d want to give the same to others in need.

Ugh… That’s so humanitarian of you, Eris! Brav-O! Not really… It’s part of the Priestess Path. If you can empower others to learn for themselves, and guide them through the rough seas that come with the territory, then in my opinion, you’re already half-way there. It’s not a burden to me, not yet. Pain? Bwaahahaahaha! It’s only temporary!

Most of the time, I valiently shout "BRING THE PAIN, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! I got this!". Once you’ve been bounced from a pretty pink fluffy bubble, shit gets real. If you have a little fight in you, you’d be amazed at what you can do.

My physical pain, however, doesn’t feel so temporary. It’s the reason I hold back on my numerous elaborate plans! I’ve had quite enough of this fucking invisible illness controlling my life. It’s the one area where magick doesn’t work and Big Pharma provides bandaid only… Complimentary and alternative therapies? I’ve done them all. sometimes twice. All I can do is tap dance through life, hoping I’ll have a day where the pain subsides and I can feel normal for a little while. Tomorrow could be that day, or I may not be able to get out of bed at all. It’s a crap shoot, and I’m not too keen on the odds working out in my favor. As I speak, it’s bad. Shit is real.

I try not to be angry… Whatever the lessons are here, they’ve thus illuded me. Still, I’m going to keep going. Tomorrow could be better than today. My spirit is strong… Stronger than I ever knew it could be. It’s my body that betrays me, each time. There is more to life and the universe than this shell… Mired in my misery, I just can’t see it. But I want to see… So… away I go!


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