Auntie Eris’ New Adventures In Tarotland

Auntie Eris’ New Adventures In Tarotland

the high priestess from the Phantomwise Tarot © 2004-2012 Erin Morgenstern

I’m going to do something absolutely crazy, fun, scary, and totally straight from the book of right-on…

I’m going semi-pro. I’m going to read at a psychic fair!

Now, it’s just a small local one and I know quite a few of the vendors. The venue is in the beautiful old town I still consider my home, even though I don’t physically live there anymore. While the town is magical and magickal to me, the venue itself is too. It’s the first place I ever really got truly memorably drunk. It was memorable for everyone else… I don’t remember a thing.

It’s a huuuuuge step for me, but I think it will be fun. The experience of it is enough for me. I’m not doing this to make money… I’m working for ridiculously cheap! I’ll probably make a little extra pocket money, which I’m sure I’ll spend with some of the vendors there. It’s also a chance to redeem myself. I still feel ashamed for leaving my design career behind, but I realize now there was no other way. Physically, that’s not how things can work with me. FUBARmyalgia and slutty-rib syndrome, yo! Respect! The job I have does work, and doing tarot work is actually preferable to squabbling over the details of a shitty t-shirt design with a client who believes they know good design better than you do. If I talk and move, I am in less pain. If I begin the design process, I have a good chance to obsess over details, go into OCD mode until everything is PERFECT IT MUST BE PERFECT, ignore my needs, crash and I am not productive in much of anything other than maybe eating junk food.

Design classes absorbed all of the energy that once went into tarot, and I now realize I have a chance to bring them both together in a small sort of way. I know how to pimp it, more or less. I haven’t done design work in a while, and I’m careful not to throw myself into a project too often. Preparing for the show is a chance to use that skill for myself for once. I want to have fun doing this without triggering the negative side of that. I need to keep it simple, yet flexible…

From my business cards to my table display, I have an idea. It’s important to me to be honest about what I’m about. It’s not fairies or unicorns. I’m a friendly ear with a powerful tool whose goal is to help. Still… I can’t help but want to make the display convey that too. I want it to be approachable, subtly mystical, yet bold. I’m selling me as a reader, but I’ve also got to draw you in. I’m confident that I can do that, or at least stand out.

Morgan’s Tarot is part of it, and I’m also looking for a Rider-Waite based deck in black and white to use as well. Yes, only I would choose a brand new (to me) deck to use for my first my first display of public psychic fuckery. The Hermetic deck is not quite what I want. The BOTA color-it-yourself deck is too blah.

I’m getting the Light & Shadow deck, and the Fan Tod pack!

I also discovered the out-of-print yet also not-quite-completely-in-print Phantomwise Tarot by Erin Morganstern. I’m delighted, and mesmerized. I want to slowly tip toe behind the fool, and watch how her journey unveils. I’m usually such a color whore, but not for this one. The black, white, and grey is so lovely. I’m in love! Please someone publish this deck! Before my psychic fair, preferably.

I need something… THIS!

Another delightful thing? Morganstern is also the author of The Night Circus, a book I’ve been wanting to read.

So, it’s a project. I’m taking my time, and doing it for the right reasons. I’m not going to have sleepless nights slaving over a hot photoshop with my fascia stinging like a wasps nest made of pins to make it happen. I will do the work, but simple. Gentle.

Softly through the void!


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