And now I’m down to nothing.

Drained. Tired. Stuck.

The airwaves are almost completely dead.

The weed stopped working.

It was too much too soon, and I’m just really tired. The dust is settling, and all I want to do is rest. I just want to sleep.

We finally got moved in over the last weekend, and I busted my ass. My altars haven’t gone back up yet, and my statuary is strewn all over the place. Our cat usually vain and ornery cat has been clingy and depressed since the move.

The ride ain’t over yet, kids. I’m sort of in a resting and holding pattern. I know when to hold them, fold them, walk away, run, and when to consult a tarot professional. I did just that the other day. Pretty much confirmed what I already knew. I thought my Kali purge was over, but I think it’s just calmed down a bit.

I’ll be able to chill for a bit. Things will be calm. I’m going low and slow with my practice. Kwan-Yin and White Tara. A little Ganesha. Loving, calm, healing, and inviting energy.

I’ve got some things I need to do, but I’ll get a brief reprieve. I’ve earned it, I think.

No shiny pink bubbles. No patterns. No Eris. No rabbit-holes. No currents.

Just peace, love, and granola for a bit.


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