C’mon Cowgirl… Bubble-Up

C’mon Cowgirl… Bubble-Up

So… It’s back.

I forgot all about it, and now it’s back. I couldn’t be happier, really.

Just like I forgot what Christmas used to feel like when it truly was magical (and magickal), I’ve also forgotten about what early spring is like for me. April… Right around spring break. Not quite warm, but little chance of snow. Everything is green, wet, and alive. Big Things of What-the-Fuckery often occur this time of year, but this is different.

I went outside for a bit yesterday, in between packing up my closet, smoking, and trying to tear myself away from my comic book project. We’ve had heavy rains in my part of Northern California, and the ground is saturated with green, heavy, muddy, and damp. The seasonal creek that runs through the front yard of our old house was nearly overflowing.

When I was young, my favorite thing to do was put on my wellies and my dad’s old yellow rain slicker, and roam around the ranch dowsing for water. I loved it this time of year, just after a rain.

It used to be my favorite time of year. If there is hope, healing, or promise, it’s coming soon.

Summer is really my jam, dawg.

I’ve been so disconnected from nature living in town. Sure we live in a beautiful, quaint, historic tourist town with the woods practically beating down our back door, but the houses, the fences, the homeless people, the hippies, and the cold makes it tough for me to appreciate it.

Our new house is in a community with no fences or gates, except that which surrounds it. The development was built around the natural landscape, rather than on top of it. The houses are carefully placed as not to disturb the oak trees, rock outcroppings, creek, and deer.

The creek is the same one that runs behind our old house. There is a great place for outdoor rituals that I know of, but there are too many stoner kids hanging about. They certainly don’t need a Stoned Spiritual Surfer to get in their way.

Moving into the house NOW rather than earlier is a good omen. Spring feels like it used to. There is hope and promise.

I am truly excited for the first time in a long time.

This is the right time to make a new beginning.

I’m leaving tons of shit behind, refinding stuff I loved and lost, and I’ve been given a do-over. It’s on me to use it properly.

Still… It’s nice to be here. It was worth the struggle, pain, and difficulty if this is where I’ve ended up.

It smacks of Kwan-Yin, but she’s never smug with the “I told you so”. She told me this was coming. She said to be patient.

Time to Bubble-Up, yo. Bubble-Up!


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