Takin’ It Back with Durga & Friends

Takin’ It Back with Durga & Friends

My latest altar...

Altar Craft is really the best thing I could have ever incorporated into my practice… Ritual, devotion, and design at the same time is something that really works for Eris Q. Hilton, Spiritual Surfer and Casual Mystic.

Reigning things in to one altar has been tough, but I like a challenge.

I’ve noticed a syncretic element to the work that I hadn’t really given it’s due before.

This all goes back to the current theme…

I have choices and I choose which gods I work with. Even amongst my Ensemble of Gods, I have learned to pick and choose. Kali is one of my Big Dogs for good reason, but for me she is touchy with being put on altars. She hates statuary, and would prefer just to do her thing without visual recognition. She is infinite blackness and love at the same time… She doesn’t give a fuck about statues, and would prefer that I didn’t make it a point.

I’ve had transformation up the corn-hole of late, so Madam Special K will be put in ice for this week. She is still part of my altar, but you can’t see her.

I’m still riding out my latest Durga/Parvati current. The little orange pouch you see is my amulet/talisman/medicine bag thingy. I will usually have this with me if I’m doing work or needing protection or help while I am out in the world. The contents change just as often as my altar, but I’ll often recharge it’s energetic batteries by leaving it on my altar over the weekend.

Right now I have pieces of emerald, selenite, strawberry quartz, kyanite, moonstone, lapis, citrine, and obsidian, along with a little icon of someone I’m not so sure about yet. They’re quite small, but part of what I happen to need right now. I have plenty of other groovy little gemstones, so the contents change as I need them. Sometimes I’ll have stuff for magickal workings or offerings in there, but I haven’t been doing much of either lately.

For a long time I’ve been making offerings to Persephone in her Queen of the Underworld aspect at the historic pioneer cemetary up the street from my house. I love non-endowment cemetaries that grow wild and sort of unkempt. They’re lovely to explore, and just walking around and taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do. It’s something that The Magician and I enjoy doing together. The one up the street will no longer be our neighbor after we move, which is in the middle of happening as we speak. It’s a very large cemetary for the area- It’s almost four acres. There are Gold Rush era gravestones mixed in with more recent additions. Many of The Magician’s ancestors are buried there. I usually leave pretty stones, rocks, or other small things scattered randomly around, HAIL ERIS.

We left a gnome up there once… He’s still there. Someone else made a little house for him, and brings him shiny glass stones and rocks too.

I don’t have to make offerings there anymore, not to Persephone.

I am free to scatter my pretty rocks wherever I like.


Because I’m in control. No more being 100% receptive and riding out the currents as they come.

Nope. I’m CAPTAIN MAKE-IT-HAPPEN! I am too much of a leo to let things happen. Why do that when I do have some power and say in the matter. I let my Ensemble of Gods and their Bevy of Currents get a little bit out of hand for a while there.

No more.

This Durga current has left me empowered and stronger for all of my challenges.

She says “Look, I will help you slay some demons, but I am going to teach you to fight for yourself. They like you because you’re quite responsive. Too responsive. You need to take care of your home, your health, your hearth, and yourself. Just because a Big Current is pulling you adrift, it doesn’t mean you’re obligated to listen.”


You said it, Madame Lions-Tigers-And-Bears-Oh-My-Lord-And-Lady!

So, my latest altar is part of helping me take it back.

I’m takin’ it back, son!



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