Fuck Calgon. Take Me Away, Lakshmi! ;)

Fuck Calgon. Take Me Away, Lakshmi! ;)

Today was one of the nicest days I’ve had in a long time.

It didn’t start so great… It snowed this morning, and I woke up with a nasty migraine. My migraines are more or less under control these days, but the weather effects me so sharply that I’m at it’s mercy this time of year. March is notoriously terrible for me. The ups and downs of the weather, from warm and springy to damn cold and snowing throws my poor brain into a tizzy.

I finally got up. I brainstormed some ideas for a comic-book project I’ve been asked to contribute to. I’m not as strong an artist as the other contributors, but I’m a naturally gifted storyteller by birth and my cartoon-style drawings can be quite expressive. If anything, I have unique voice amongst the others, particularly being the only woman, so I’m honored to have been asked. It’s going to be a lot of work, but for the first time in a long time a creative project has delighted and excited me.

Delighted and exicited? That’s rollin’ with Lakshmi.


I love Spencer Krug. He’s like a goddamn Shaman and I love it.

I wrote a little bit this morning also, just as my headache wore off. It felt good to do some creative work in the wee hours of the morning. I always have my best creative breakthroughs then, while my brain is still shaking off sleep.

I smoked a bowl… Of course! Like, duh! We all know I like to do that on occasion. I brainstormed on my comic some more, and came up with a really fun idea that will actually work. Sure, I’m daunted as hell by the idea of going back to design school style sketching deadlines, but the people involved are so freaking talented that it will be a pleasure working with them.

I did some ritual work with Lakshmi, as that’s where the currents led me. The Active God-Like, sun, strong, vital, lifeforce energy sort of swirls around her in golden and glittery pink sunbursts. It’s like ruby red grapfruit infused with Fuck Yeah Liquid Fucking Sunshine of Love & Abundant Joy and Shit Like That, Yo℠.

That’s the good shit right there, son.

Also did some… hrm… other ritual work of a far more pleasurable nature, but I’m sure you don’t want me to get into the details or anything but…

It’s good to be married to a Magician. I don’t know why, but Chaotes in general strike me as kinky and perverted little fucks. I can’t shake the image in my head of a powerful magician who is also especially fond whacking the wacky weasel for magickal purposes. I’ve met a lot of hot Chaotes.

I’m sort of a chaos magician groupie of sorts.

Marrying one is of a ginormous advantage to me in a lot of ways, and mixing sex with a little bit of ritual can be pretty fun… Especially when you’re not doing it alone. Gettin’ that yab-yum action on isn’t entirely unpleasant, and it’s nice in a lot of ways.

I am a spiritual surfer and a spiritual multitasker.

I get wrapped up in enjoying the subtle but noticeable abundance of all things simple but delightful. Lakshmi makes you appreciate the good in your life, and what gifts you truly are abundant in. Good sex is something I can consistently count on, but when you’re riding Lakshmi current it can really kick things up considerably. My creativity is something that I rely to help me solve problems, yet in a Lakshmi current it goes a more inspired and artistic direction. I feel a sea change within my muses, that signifies a period of stable Good Order with a lovely burst of truly inspired creative work. I produce my very best work under great pressure and duress, making it tough for me to get any quality work done.

Things have to be bad for me to work well. I did some of my best work creatively and artistically during my Leap Year of Great Doomity Darkness eleven years ago. I feel like I am coming home to that through this project, and I feel blessed.

White Tara has granted my wishes. I even felt good today… Ate the right foods, smoked a bit, relaxed a bit, pain levels good, energy levels high and mood slightly elevated due to the smoking. I’ve felt much better this week. I am finding more things I can eat, but I am still eating mostly organic and non-processed whole foods with very little fat content. I’m going easy on the soy and potatoes, which causes me inflammation. I’ve lost about 20 lbs since November, and I feel good. I’ve moved offices at work, and will be much closer to the gym I pay for but seldom ever use.

I evoked Kwan-Yin, White Tara, and Green Tara today. With all of the lustiness and Lakshmi action in my house, a little purification isn’t a terrible thing. I always use Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in Peppermint and Lavender for purification.

We’re going to eat Indian food tonight, run some boxes out to The House, and maybe watch a movie.

I can only eat a little bit of rice and roti, but it’s all good. At least it’s close to real food. I am starving for something greasy and fatty like sweet and sour chicken or chicken tikka.


Well… I mean… At least I can eat rice! Rice is delicious! Imma go smoke and make this damn rice taste like a party in my mouth.

A rice party.

It will be epically awesome.

But I am choosing a different path now.

The Magician



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