Sun. Sun. Sun. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Sun. Sun. Sun. Fun. Fun. Fun.

So, I keep saying a lot is going on with me despite spirituality, right?

Well, for starters…

Gory details again! Shit yo! I promise this is the last of these soul-purgey type post for now. This is soooooo it!

So right now, I have neck and shoulder trouble, galbladder trouble, moving at home, moving my office, big changes in my team at work, fixing up new house, cleaning up old house, big changes in my spiritual roster (a.k.a. Persephone moves on… Goodbye, and thanks friend! Travel well, So long!), physical therapy, recent weight loss of 17lbs because of galbladder trouble, and the fact that my husband’s grandma is going to take over our rental. Since this was announced to us, she’s been badgering, pestering, and trying to mirco-manage our move. It’s really between my in-laws and us, but since this was decided she’s been a pain in the ass. She wants to move in and start painting the place now. She’s very accusatory and comes at you randomly like she’s gunning for a fight.
I hate that fucking bitch.
And I’m doing heavy work with Kali and Persephone right now.

I am over one of those bitchez.

And I was just granted a wish by White Tara.
And I’ve been riding out a very strong Shakti/Durga/Parvati current. I’ve experienced her Durga aspect in the past, but it’s paled in comparison to her Shakti and Parvati aspects for me.
Parvati is the goddess of my new home and hearth, but Laxmi rules my kitchen. Ganesh is the god of all of our windows and doorways… anything that opens up new opportunities, possibilities, chances for prosperity. He welcomes and blesses all who enter. I’ve never had a home that feels so right to me, and I believe working with the gods for such lowly and humble purposes is far more satisfying to me than conquering the underworld.
In my tarot readings, I keep getting SUN-SUN-SUN-SUN-SUN. After SUPERMOON, I believe I am done with lunar work. I need to reel myself back in. I am too sensitive and receptive to cthonic and lunar energies (PERSEPHONE/ISIS- HIGH PRIESTESS), and instead of working with them and making myself sick, I need to protect myself (DURGA- STRENGTH) and focus on solar/star energies (TARA… THE STAR).

Kore is too juvenile for me. She’s a maiden, and I’m a grown-ass woman. Kore has always been part of my invocations to beauty, renewal, and the kind of self-improvement and transformation work I do in the spring. Laxmi is more prudent, practical, grown-up, and yet still totally fabulous. She is my reflective and thoughtful 9 of Wands, pimpin’ her style, enjoying her lovely garden, and enjoying the bounty she’s worked hard to get for herself, all on her own.
The 9 of Pents… She is the woman I am when the SUN is ON. I come to life in the spotlight, but I whither and die when the klieg lights grow to hot, or when there is no audience. It sparks that lunar, passive-agressive, hormonal side of me that I don’t care for.
By letting go of my Underworld and Lunar connection, and moving on, I embrace my life as it is now, regardless of the past. I feel good, and liberated in a sense not to have so many irons in the fire. As I proceed with developing a language to describe my practice with it’s currents, ensembles, influences, evokin’-n’-smokin’, I feel as if a weight has been lifted.
I also let go of someone I have never mentioned anywhere here or elsewhere. It was a good thing.

The Star leads to the 6 of WIN for me, right through the 9 of Pents, the woman that I am.

By letting go, and opting for refinement of chaos rather than an onslaught of over controlled and stifling order, I choose the path of least resistance. As I keep saying… I get to choose! No more being a cipher for me!

Simply said, I am approaching Temperance.

Strength is my fortress and my support. The Magician is an 8. The Hierophant is how I do it on my own, and Temperance is what I am aiming for. The High Priestess helped, but I am sort of over her now. I am over the Hierophant too.

I am ready to reclaim the warmth of the Empress, but in my home and my body. I want to enjoy my life and all that I’ve worked for, not be weighed down by things I don’t need anymore. I need that as I continue to work towards Temperance. I will get there, and focusing on paring things down, and making my life simpler has helped in ways I cannot even begin to describe.

The Star is my light, not the Moon. Stars are solar energy, and baby… I need all the sun I can get!


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