Wish Fulfilling Wheel Keep on Turnin’, White Tara Keep on Burnin’…

Wish Fulfilling Wheel Keep on Turnin’, White Tara Keep on Burnin’…

This Is Close How I Perceive The Patterns of The Devi Through The White Tara's Aspect-- The Wish Fulfilling wheel



I’ve been riding a really beautiful White Tara current that picked up where my recently departed Green Tara current left off.
The currents are part of what weaves the many patterns that our lives are built within, on, around, through, over, under, and near us in everything. They are vibrations. They are strings. Some are connections to the divine. That’s all a current is… Choosing to follow it down, instead of continuing to move forward to other possible currents.
I always have a choice, and I ultimately choose the gods that are right for me. Pagans often say “I didn’t choose my gods, they chose me.” That was very true for me at first. I had no control. I felt like a puppet or a vessel, flopping around in chaotic and unknown darkness. Sex helped me channel that terrible emptiness when I had no spiritual connection. I was on or off, but didn’t even know I had a switch. I’ve grown and changed as I’ve gotten older, wiser from experience, and I see that I have some degree of control.
When I broke my head open five years ago last November, I unknowingly put up my OPEN sign.
I have been given word that I’ll find some new healing modality that I’ll really respond to and possibly think about practicing. More blessings that if I keep on writing, it will pay off. I will get to tell some stories, my own or possibly on behalf of someone else. I just need to stick with it. Writing is what works for me. It’s a magick in itself.
Tara’s current is very much a part of this process. I am embrace that. Her clarity, light, and directness is different than Kwan-Yin’s gentle, and more subtle whispers.
The pale moonlight used to purify and sustain me.
Now, White Tara, the Wish Fulfilling Wheel has taken over. The Star and The Wheel are all you need to change your life.

Changing my life for the better doesn’t change the world, but it changes me and how I perceive it. This is good.
I asked to be healed.
And I believe all of my wishes are about to be granted at long last.



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