Better Living Through Pharmacology

Better Living Through Pharmacology

My last new altar before our move...

I asked for help… Actually, that’s not quite right. I pleaded for help.

I was really at my absolute breaking point a few days back. The pressure of everything has been overwhelming. There is sweeping change or great volatility in almost every area of my life from my home to the weather to my job to my sex life even. Seriously. WAY TOO MUCH CHANGE. DO NOT WANT. Oh… My health too. Shit… Even my fucking cat has gone apenuts for grapenuts! My spiritual life? Ugh…

So I asked, and I must have barked up the right tree.

Things are slowly getting better.

My gastroenterologist told me “”The procedure isn’t fun, so we’ll get you nice and STONED so you won’t feel a thing. Better living through pharmacology!”.

I really liked the guy. He was totally sympathetic, and probably the coolest and most laid back doctor I’ve ever met. I might need my galbladder out, but it seems that my years of constant reaccuring right shoulder pain has likely been galbladder related all along. I found a home remedy for galbladder issues that knocks out the pain far better than anything I’ve ever tried… Even my beloved tramadol! It’s just a temporary fix, so I’ll still probably need the thing yanked. But I am curious to see how my shoulder pain issues change. I have a feeling they are going to improve.

It feels like everything is finally righting itself after a jaunt down a very long, dark, path.

It’s slow, but it’s a start.

The Star… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Better Living Through Pharmacology

  1. GORGEOUS altar, Madam! No wonder they answered 🙂 Now that you mention the gallbladder-shoulder connection, something at the back of my brain is going “Oh yeeeeah…” Maybe from the accupuncture days? Will have to tell The Man to get his GB checked. Who knows?! So good you’re finally getting help. There’s only so much painkilling shit you can pour down you gullet!

    And of course, I’m dying to know all the gory details of the changes. ‘Cos I’m a curious cat and I ain’t afraid of death 😉

  2. Gory details shall be forthcoming… I’ve finally calmed down and caught my breath.

    I believe this is part of it…

    I’m starting to learn that I’m just really sensitive to lunar energies, and I think this might have turned things around.

    I’ve got a bit of working to do this weekend, so I’ll most likely roll up my sleeves and get down to the bidness of writing about it in all it’s raw and gory detail. 🙂

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