Channelling!?! WTF Just Happened?!

Channelling!?! WTF Just Happened?!

Something very strange happened to me a few days ago. It’s very weird, but I think it’s probably a good thing. I think it’s a breakthrough of sorts. I’ve had a lot of those recently. I’ve just never had anything even remotely like this happen. Seriously.

And before you ask… Yes. I did partake of some herbal intoxicants that day. I’m fairly good at metering it, since it’s not solely recreational for all my prattling on. I only had enough to take the edge of my pain levels, but not enough to have a profound mystical experience. I’d question it more if I’d had more that day, but I really didn’t have much, making it even weirder!

When I talk about "getting something" it likely means that I’m receiving some sort of little psychic pricklings about a god, a guide, a person, or something that I am supposed to do. It’s just a Little Push, like static electricity. It happens quite often. A few times a week at least. It’s usually very simple and nothing worth writing about. It tends to be instructions more than anything else. There is a lot of static, and I am certain that I misunderstand most of the time. Sometimes it’s my gods or guides. Other times I don’t trust what I’m getting and I pull my cards out to see. Using tarot is a good way to make sure that the message is genuine. It’s as small as a tiny little thought that won’t go away, and as big as seeing some strong, impossibly convenient synchronicities. The gods are fond of getting my attention by using a Little Push action here and there. I’m used to it, and I don’t often overthink it.

It’s not usually anything of dramatic importance. It’s almost always something small that is the gateway to something larger. For example, I kept getting lot’s of Little Pushes from Kwan Yin right as November’s Mini Kali Yuga. So I kept her on my mind… Kwan Yin. She doesn’t usually come on so strongly. Kwan Yin. What does this mean? I went with it, and ended up having the Greatest Christmas in Years due to paying particular attention to her. I think after the recent discovery that…



Yeah… Like I wouldn’t need a friendly Little Push from a very kind a loving deity to help me do damage control over that shit! Could you handle this shit if it happened to you? I couldn’t have years back. I can now. I must be ready for it, or I wouldn’t be so ass-slappin’ fantastic at hearing the messages.

I’ve come to enjoy those Little Pushes as best I can. Even when they’re truly small, they are still meaningful even if it’s just for an hour or a day.

What happened to me over the weekend wasn’t a Little Push. It wasn’t muddy. It didn’t take weeks of revisiting it, thinking it through, and researching it to see what it meant. Nope.

It was a SUDDEN SNAP, with a visual and mental clarity I’ve never experienced, even deep in a trance state.

I don’t know what it was. It wasn’t scary. It was actually very cool… I think. It’s just not the kind of thing that I can have happen to me all the time, but…

Normally I get Little Pushes that are just about me or for me.

I’ve never channeled before. Evocation and invocation I’m familiar with. I prefer the former. Chanelling isn’t anything I’ve ever done or wanted to do.

I never get clear, concise instructions for someone else.

Well… I didn’t until She showed up. She isn’t my guide, but I knew exactly who she was.

She had some things to say… I simply listened and relayed the messages.

I’m still collecting my thoughts on everything that happened. This wasn’t static electricity… This was like licking a 9-Volt battery during the middle of a thunderstorm. Shit.

I should write about it, but it was some deeply personal stuff communicated through me for someone I love very much. If it were me it was for, GAME ON! I respect this person’s privacy, and want to give them time to grapple with it. It was pretty intense and scary accurate. I could not have figured any of this out on my own without Her. I thought She was done, and I kept getting more. "Oh- She wants you to know this! Oh! She also says look at this!". I got strong, clear visual images, loud messages, and a very clear problem/solution.

Wham! Bam! Thank you, Spam!

I think I’d be disrespectful of Her if I relayed too much of what she said. I was used as a conduit. I don’t know how I feel about that. It makes me feel kind of dirty, and not in the fun way. I have the feeling that the person for whom I communicated by proxy needed the information, and I was a convenient way to get it there safely and quickly. This person is fairly open minded and is familiar with certain magickal traditions, so it wasn’t that weird for them. It was certainly weird for me to get such a BIG BUNCH OF STUFF for someone else! Spine meet shivers!

All I can say is… Wow. That’s something. Didn’t know the first time I accidentally channelled that I’d rip someone’s psyche and sense of self into bits and build them back up again within the course of ten or fifteen minutes. Trust me, it’s very possible.

It was so clean, so clear, so… so…

So… Right?


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