Moving House with the Fabulous Lucky O’Shallahan!

Moving House with the Fabulous Lucky O’Shallahan!

Lucky O'Shallahan looks a little like this fat, happy, Buddha

I can do lots of things for myself like read tarot, trim my bangs, and of course pedicures. I’m better at some than others, but there are definitely times where I feel the need to call in a professional. Tarot? I can usually figure out what is going on for myself in the day to day. I’ve grown more confident about my reading ability over the last year, and as long as I have some variant of Rider-Waite in front of me, I can usually nail it. I’m definitely not as at ease with the Thoth deck. It’s still darker and more mysterious. Over the last year, it’s ceased to have the kind of energy I need. I know I’ll come back to it, but for now we’re taking a break. It’s nice not to need it. I think that when Thoth is the only deck you use, it can really sort of monopolize your energy in a way. It’s a dark, dense, meaty, layered, rich, complex and enticing deck. It sort of draws you in to its web in a visceral way, yet remains aloofly detached or vaguely annoyed with you.

I’ve not done well with Thoth, and I can’t seem to get a good read for house-related stuff.

I’m thinking about moving into a really great and unexpected new phase. I’m just excited about the future! I needed to consult a professional!

I got a reading done by my local awesome tarot lady (I’d say who and where, but I like my little bits of anonymity), just to see what our house situation looked like. It’s very, very, very good! We found a beautiful place that we really liked in a great neighborhood near the lake. Yay! Water! Hell fucks yeah! It’s the right size, price, condition, style, neighborhood, and right everything! It’s really fun but not too weird. Very clean, but very warm. Not too big, but not too small. I’ve been feeling the need to open my home more socially. I have a dreadful and very real phobia of entertaining. Seriously. I’ve always wanted to learn to cook well and plan parties, but I am so freaked out by actually trying to do it. I just get too nervous and get a lot of serious anxiety over it. It’s weird because I like eating and I like going to parties.

And what costume shall the poor girl wear
To all tomorrow’s parties
A hand-me-down dress from who knows where
To all tomorrow’s parties

I also wanted to be able to open my home to family more. Our rental situation hasn’t really allowed for that, and I miss it. I want to have a deck to hang out on during the summer. We love sitting and hanging out on the deck like old people. It’s fucking rad!

This house seems designed to give us all these things. There is just something that is very warm, open and inviting about it, yet it’s also very clean and tranquil. I think we could be very happy there.

Well… reading says I was very right! We need to have parties. The more we open our home, the more money will flow in. If things get tight, we need to have a get-together. I need to limit my interactions with work friends though. Some of them. I’d been promising my office that I’d have them over for a wine night as soon as we were settled. I don’t need my magick, religion, or smoking habits to be broadcast to my co-workers, but I also don’t want to hide them in my own home either.

Reading says that things will go well… and so far they have! Despite a few initial bumps in the road, of course. We’re already past those, thankfully.

My pro reader said we’d be spending a lot of time outside on our decks… Which is totally true. We’ve only enjoyed the decks around our current home when the in-law-land-lords aren’t around. We jokingly refer to ourselves as something that Randall decided to “take back” in the cinematic gem Clerks 2. We’ve been looking forward to all of the lovely and new decks that New House has!

Really, overall… it all looks good. Every intuition that I’ve had about the place has been spot-on.

We need to do a little bit of protection work too, as we move in. Simple stuff. Our home will be a very happy and inviting place, but there is a slight chance it could evoke some jealousy. I already saw that coming. I have friends in the same neighborhood who are strapped for cash due to over-buying.I also have friends who have gone through divorces and who’ve had to sell their homes in the same neighborhood. I have family members who want to buy, but aren’t fully grasping the reality of making a real-estate purchase. I come from a clan of charismatic visionaries, storytellers, and creative thinkers who have little use for my natural pragmatism. I don’t know how born Erisian can be so gods-be-damned practical over such MunDanish things, but I assume it’s for my own good. My pragmatic side is what can trip up my balance of Order/Chaos. The Creativity has the VISION, but the Pragmatism does the work to make the VISION as feasible as possible. I’ve made this happen through lots of set-backs and hard work, and I refuse to let prying eyes ruin that experience.

My Reader suggested salting our doorways and mixing some basil into our floor-wax. I told her that I was going to stock-up at Lucky Mojo, and she laughed at me telling me that I didn’t need to spend my money on anything fancy. Table salt and a Hand of Fatima somewhere near the front door was just fine. I told her that since I rather liked fancy, I would probably mix things up a bit.

She really just saw the things I’ve been seeing myself, albeit more clear.

She saw that the neighborhood would be a very good one for us, and that she herself was surprised at the amount of cool, progressive, interesting neighbors we’d have. They’re not all families and old people! There are people more like… well… us!

Of course I wasn’t suprised by any of this. I felt it in my guts. Also, one of my best friends from elementary school who was my childhood neighbor for many years also lives in the same neighborhood. We’ve reconnected on the Das Facen Spacen (facebook), and have found that in adulthood, we have very much in common from our lifestyles (they have kids, but are still very cool people) and career backgrounds (she’s in PR, I’m in design/sales) to our politics (I wear my bleeding heart on my sleeve). She also told me that over the last year or two, many interesting and decidedly more artsy people had moved into the neighborhood, and that she was pretty stoked to find out that we’d found a place there. I am too. It just feels right.

Initially, I thought we wouldn’t really use the lake or the many parks around it. Reader says we really should. I don’t disagree. We are paying for these amenities… Why not use them?

As an aside, My husband is a punk who hates public places where people are cavorting in the spirit of recreation and leisure.

I’m getting his ass a nice camera so he can go take pictures of cool shit in the graveyard so he won’t come off as so strange and artsy and freaky to others. If it’s done under the guise of photography, people often let the weirdness slide since they can see something tangible coming from it.

So… we are moving! This is good, right, and will happen.

Another thing… We have sort of a helpful house elf/spirit who is helping us through the process. I didn’t pick up on him until she told me. She’d never seen anything quite like him. He is sort of a Happy House Spirit who wants offerings of tobacco and beer. She suggested to “feed” him these things whenever it felt right to do so, or if we were needing house repairs or money.

I meditated on it, and got more details. He’s a weird little guy, but very cool. His name is… get this shit… Lucky O’Shallahan. He sees himself as a green elephant in a plaid nehru jacket wearing vintage 50’s black-framed glasses and a red fez. He smokes cigars and drinks martinis and whiskey sours with a Don Draper sort of charm. This is what Lucky wants to be. This is what he projects. Apparently, we’ll help him get there. For now, he looks like a  two foot call, fat, happy, laughing bald Buddha statue wearing a fez. He loves cigars, cloves, and beer! He’s asking for a little spot outside on our deck to hang out.

Lucky O’Shallahan… Welcome, buddy! Whatever you’re into, I’m into it. Window sills are to be salted, and we’re evil-eye proofing as we speak.

This is cool. I’m pretty excited. Upward and onward.

I have about five hours until my pain medicine wears off, and I have quite a bit of packing to do between now and then. 🙂


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