Altared-States 2010

Altared-States 2010

I don’t normally post pictures of my altars… I’ve said before that they’re constantly changing and being shifted. Since my cast of Gods and Assorted Monsters has been fairly consistent over the last year, and because I’m feeling comfortable with my path and where it’s leading… I’m going to share.

I do perform rituals and give offerings to my gods more or less consistently. I might do something two or three times a week if the mood strikes. I let it happen when it happens. For me, the creation of a new altar from the old is the best form of effort-as-offering that I know… My best altered-states come from… well… altar-making states. They’re always in flux, but it’s one of those quirky things that seems to make Paganism suit me far better than any other religion. I can be meticulously detailed, use my eye for design, play with color color and hierarchy, create patterns, and do something new and beautiful for my gods, meditation, some type of magickal working, or just because. Altars are sacred spaces that have all kinds of uses to me, but I’m not opposed to tearing them down and starting over. Which I do… Frequently. 🙂

A few of my favorites from 2010…

Kwan Yin, on my altar right now...



An offering to Green Tara.
The constantly altered altar...


My Fave Green Goddess Gets Around Altar Town...
Temporary working altar for some project I was working on....
More fun with Green Tara...

Next year, we’ll be in a new house in a neighborhood that will see a lot more traffic than our old one. A lot of people we know and love will be a lot more conveniently located. My biggest problem is that I don’t really like my altars/working stuff to be as conspicuous as they are now. They are in our bedroom, and while my husband doesn’t mind, I’d like to keep them separate. I’ll have a lot more room, so I think I can be more subtle. Ganesha can go anywhere… No altars needed. I also am contemplating altars that can be hidden easily, using a locking armoire or cabinet of some type. I know I can come up with something good. I don’t mind sharing them with some people, but many of my family members and colleagues don’t know how strange and rather lovely my spiritual life really is at present. I don’t share things with people whom I sense are not ready for them. People are weirded out by a lot of what I do, and I respect that. I also will not put myself in a position to be belittled, ridiculed, judged, or subject to harsh scrutiny. I make the choice… As Pagans and magickal folk we all make that choice. Some people in your life may know and share that part, while others are not. I simply can’t afford to divulge too much because of my job and the community I live in. Although online… It’s open season! I should probably keep my mouth shut more often.

Even though I am comfortable with my path and very sure of it, I still play things close to the vest. I’ll probably come up with something very creative to easily disguise my altars. Buddhas work well… People on the west coast aren’t really that bothered by Buddhas. I may make a sort of “Meditation Altar” with a generic buddha that can be swapped out with Green Tara and some of my other gods when company goes home. I’m just going to have fun with it and see what I can do.

2011 may end up being an interesting year for my Altared-States. 🙂


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