Fnord Sweet Home!

Fnord Sweet Home!

Now that's what I'm talkin' about... SQUEE!
Hail Eris full of Cheese
Do you like nuts? Then suck on these!
This day is steaming plate of suck
But I don’t give a flying fuck
Fnord. Fnord. Fnord. Fnord.

Offer fell through on yet another dwelling. The Gods are remarkably silent and hands-off on this one. Whenever I get radio silence this strong over an issue this big, I know it means that Fate has somehow wrapped it’s threads around the thing. If I was meant to change this or direct it though careful wielding of will and/or requests for favors from my Divine Line of Defense, we’d be closing escrow on something by now. Nope… I am supposed to be going through this. Maybe the right place, the right deal, the right timing has yet to happen. I look at Tarot or any kind of divination as a guideline… It’s a very strongly possible outcome, but it can always be changed or altered with the right action or reaction. When Fate comes to call, events are meant to have the same outcome and will have the expected outcome no matter what steps you take to thwart it. For me, I know that I can Push somethings into going my way. Yet when the Push becomes a PUSH, and nothing happens… It’s not meant to. I try to be patient, but it’s hard when you usually have a little bit of control and you suddenly find yourself wanting.
Magick works… most of the time.
Except when it doesn’t.
Sometimes it’s operator error… Sometimes, Fate is a manipulative bastard. You can’t have it all sometimes.
I can’t change the fact that this house isn’t right, but I can focus on the good things that are coming out of the situation.
We still have choices. Some might be better. Some might have yet to present themselves. I believe in options and possibilities above all else.
I’ve focused on Laskshmi and Ganesha throught the process. I can’t think of two better deities in my Pantheon-O’-Plenty that are better suited for the task. Parvati would be even more appropriate, but she hasn’t sought me out yet. Maybe I need to seek her out? She’s popped up in some random places for me, where I don’t normally see her.
I did the Wand spread on the Beautiful Tarot iPhone/iPad app, just to see what was up with this whole deal. Obviously nothing I’ve done so far to Push things in any certain way has worked, so I want to try to understand what the Wheel of Fate has in store. As an aside- I love Beautiful Tarot! t’s a stunning app! You have a choice of Rider-Waite, Marseilles, or Charles VI. You can do pre-loaded spreads or your own. The interface is beautiful and intuitive. It’s the best tarot app I’ve used.
Me: The Emperor
Yeah, I’ve tried to do everything right. Organized. Structured. Planned. I’ve taken the lead on this, since my husband has been intimidated by all of it. I feel like the Great Leader and Great Organizer. I’m the one making the paperwork and the legwork happen. I feel like my energies are so completely immersed in the MunDanish aspects of the whole process, and there is nothing left for anything more. The Emperor is the kind of WILL that is foreign to me. It is WILL in the material world, in the most logical and functional of ways. I am exhausted by it.
Obstructions: The 10 of Wands
Uh… All of this is still overwhelming to me, particularly that we’re still going through all of it at the holidays. The family, social, and professional obligations are many and exhausting this month. The normal holiday crap that usually saps all the joy from the holidays beckons, but I’ve tap-danced around it as much as I can. The dancing does little for my focus on HOUSE CRAP. It’s a lot, but I’m managing. Ganesh has helped.
Foundations: Judgement
We’re fully empowered and ready to do this, and we’ve got the divine on our side. We’re meant to be doing this now. We’ve done the right things to get here, and have an incredible opportunity for a new start. I am thrilled to see this card here.
The Past: The World
I’d call this an end of where we were. I’ve been feeling stirrings of the Fool in a very strong way lately, but that usually happens when I let my favorite dancing elephant intervene to do his best work. The World is the end of one Fool’s journey, and paves the way for the start of another. We’ve gone from The Fool to the Emperor. We were at the Magician a while back when we first started making offers. Through the High Priestess, we learned some hard lessons and reflected on them. We took a break of a few weeks when the Empress phase started. Now we’re back to business… Hello Emperor! I assume the Hierophant will be next… House inspections, paperwork, and attending to the tricky details? Oh-my-sweet-fnord! How perfect is that?
Aspirations: The Q of Wands
I just want to be happy with our new home, and I’ll most happiest in my beautiful, warm, stylish, updated, open, cheerful, bright, contemporary home with hardwood floors, lots of windows, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, updated bathrooms, and lots of warm colors… Oranges, reds, deep olive greens, spice colors, muted jewel tones… Squee! I am feeling this warm psuedo-Moroccan sort of vibe, with small flourishes vintage antique stuff mixed in with my favorite clean sort of bold, graphic contemporary stuff. Poppies! Art nouveau! Squee! Squee! Squee! The Q of Wands LOVES to decorate and pimp her dwelling. Comfortable and inviting, yet just a bit more charisma, whimsy and eclectic charm than your average updated home. It simply must happen, and it will be FAB.
The Future: 10 of Pents
We’re going to find a place that truly feels like home that will be a good investment in our future. I also sense that we might have family around, not just the two of us. This isn’t exactly a surprise either. One place we like has an attached apartment that is really quite nice. We don’t need the extra space, but my sister and niece might be interested in renting it out. It’s a great house, and I think with the layout and price that we could make that work. It might be good for all of us. We might put a bid in on it, because it has almost everything we could possibly want, and then some.
Action to take Now towards that Future: 3 of Cups
My sister and niece are going to have Christmas dinner with Mr. Hilton and I, so we’ll be talking about it and spending some good quality time together. I think this might help my husband be more okay with our decision to have them stay with us for a bit. He’s on board, but I think having some low stress merriment might help. Also, it looks like we need to just enjoy our holiday time with family and friends, because it’s very much going to work out for the best. We can’t force it. I know that.
The Heart of the Matter: 5 of Swords
I don’t want to get my hopes up to have them dashed again… I feel betrayed by my hopes and visions of the future. Every time we’ve made an offer and I’ve gotten excited about it, I feel like I am sabotaging myself. Our agent has felt pretty terrible about the way some of our offers have been received. She’s has utmost confidence in all of them, only to have someone outbid us. I’ve been willing to go higher on some, but she’s very pragmatic and cautious. We’ve lost some deals because my intuition was right, and hers was wrong. I feel bad, but I feel like the Sellers are really sticking it to us. It seems like a no-win situation on all sides.

What I can Do To Stay on the Right Path: 10 of Pents (Again- I reshuffled the app.)
Bam! The Future is the right path! Stay the course, Madame Eris Quixotrix Kallisti-Jane Hilton! Stay the course!


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