States of Being Spread & I am Being Awesome!

States of Being Spread & I am Being Awesome!

I pity the Fool who ignores Ganesha…

In thinking of a good spread for seeing where I’m at in a few different areas, I stumbled across a very effective way to do it. I was focusing on my current state, both internal and external (i.e. MunDanish). The results were surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) spot-on. First, I picked the states I wanted to focus on, in the priority that they were important to me at this time. For internal-  (i.e. that which depends on my involvment) Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. For External- Love, Home, Family, Finance, Career, and Social. I flipped a card to show me the current state of each, then went back after I was done, and picked a card to show the best course of action, the direction things were heading, or the details surrounding the situation. I’ve never tried it this way, and it was pretty interesting.

Current States Spread- Internal

Physical State- Knight of Wands Action/Direction/Details- The Star

I don’t usually like to see so many court cards, but I’m letting it ride this time. So many wands! I think I’m at the point where I’m ready to fight this stupid condition. It’s not fibromyalgia. I know that. It doesn’t need a name. I don’t care. It just needs some manageable relief. My theme for today is Comfortable Control over Chaos. I am creative, above all, and there is a bit of fight still left in me. I am beginning to move towards hope, essentially. It’s been rough lately. This latest flare-up has been the worst I’ve had in over a year. It’s been a long time since I pinched a nerve because of this shit. I am see Doctor Useless tomorrow, but I feel as if this might open the door to some progress. The K of W hops on the horse, and keeps on riding with confidence. The Star is a major influence here, so I am going in the right direction. I will feel better, but I can’t give up hope. Not yet.

Mental State- Page of Wands Action/Direction/Detail4 of Cups

I don’t usually catch myself up in bumper-sticker logic, but the Page of W embraces now with the kind of enthusiasm you don’t find in the Fool. He’s more driven than that innocent Fool, with all his skipping about. The P of Wands has a sense of purpose and conviction that fuels him until he gets bored. I feel mentally very calm, assured, yet really open to the possibilities that have opened up for me due to mulling through some recent experiences. I don’t need to seek for more, but I truly embrace the knowledge that I do have. It’s more than enough. I feel rather content. I’ve recently overcome a bout of depression and apathy. Last week and the week prior were intense, and philosophically and physically it left me jumbled. It’s easy for me to grow despondent while in pain. It effects my mental outlook in a greatly dramatic way. I fail to look at the possibilities. Well… The Page is a start. The Page of Wands and that Knight are conspiring to help me pull my head out of my ass, and it couldn’t come at a better time! I am glad to have a fire lit under my ass… It’s been needed.

Emotional State- Queen of Wands Action/Direction/Detail- Strength

Ah… Yes. Rawr… I am a bit passionate about whatever my cause du jour is, eh? I feel empowered in some way. I feel ready to fight for what I want, in all aspects of my life. Vindicated. Optimistic. Strong. Ready. Set-backs? Fuck them. All these wands… Man… I did some impromptu pathworking today. I was the Fool who was pushed off the cliff, and landed with Ganesha by my side. I never saw the parallels between Ganesha and the Fool. I felt very magickal today. I did a little bit of ritual work and candle magick around my Ganesha/Fool discovery. It was comfortable, warm, and very welcomed. It wasn’t something to do out of need… It was more out of love. I am fighting to maintain Order and Chaos, and the balance between them. I am truly in my element today, and I can feel it. Some women run with wolves… I hunt with tigers.

As an aside, it was the best magickal/spiritual day I’ve had in a long time. I felt it profoundly, but the Gates were kept just open enough. It was more real and true that anything I’ve worked on in a while. It felt good and right…

Spiritual State- Ace of Swords Action/Direction/Detail- King of Wands

It feels right… It feels true… it feels like I am where I need to be. I am King of the Mountain! I shuffled this deck really well, and I am shocked that I got every court card in the Wands suit. That means something. Wands for me are fire. My fire. My Good Chaos comes from pleasant emission of heat. I need this light in Winter’s darkness. It’s not light from the outside, instead it comes from within. I am the only one who can fix my shit, but I am able to do it. I want to do it. The Gods seem willing and able to assist.

I did this for my external state too, but it’s mostly MunDanish stuff. Not that it’s not helpful, but it’s not where I’m at right now.

I am somewhere else, and I’d like to stay there just for a bit.

My head is a little jumbled from having so many majors, and my energy is sapped from being around so many Court Cards. And the fact that they are Wands?

And here is the part where I go off on a tangent…

I am burning up. Literally. I need a drink of water… or… Ohh! I have some Diet Pomegranate 7-Up in the fridge! Jackpot! Fizzy bubbles, no carbs, and a shout-out to my main girl in the Underworld- Persephone!

Things are darker for me when she descends to the Underworld, and always remain a bit unsettled until Spring. It’s always this way. But I have fire… More than most people need. No need to fear darkness, or anything really. The Fool who knows how to use Fire is a formidable force. I may have obstacles, but I also have opportunities. I’ve very carefully taken stock of my resources, and I know that despite the challenges, there is good. Comfortable Control over Chaos is something I can handle.

I can take the heat, but I am not getting out of the kitchen, because I have the ability to open windows. Where I felt despondent and tired before, ready for the crazy Mysticism-Go-Round to stop whirling, I feel vindicated. I can have what I need without sacrificing the energy I so desperately need in other parts of my life.

Nice. This is why Eclecticism works for me. I usually figure it out. It just takes a bit of tarot and a cool lighter.


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