There is a Queen of Pentacles In My Pocket & Laxshmi Is Happy To See Me

There is a Queen of Pentacles In My Pocket & Laxshmi Is Happy To See Me

The Queen of Pentacles from the Piatnik-Wein tarot.

The lovely Queen of Pentacles keeps popping up for me recently…

Like this… and also this…

I’ve always dismissed her as representing some sort of pragmatically cheerful and resourceful Hippie Earth Mama type. She makes organic quinoa with curry and local vegetables for dinner, followed by over-priced organic ice cream from a small local creamery. Is she smug about it? No. Surprisingly not. She won’t judge you for stuffing your gullet with Taco Bell before you come over. No, she’ll offer you a seat at the table and a glass of homemade iced herbal tea with fresh lemon. There is plenty of quinoa, if you want it or not. She’s a gracious and inviting hostess without being fussy or formal. Her house is cheerful, clean, bright, with whimsical touches, and creative ways to organize and use the space. She’ll admit to having some Circus Animal cookies hidden at the back of the pantry… She tries to eat as close to the earth as she can, but is practical enough to know that it’s okay to indulge those little vices every once in a while. She is a complement to the King of Pents who often loses sight of the little things she does to improve the quality of their lives. She’s not showy about it… It’s a labor of love for her.

She is a nurturer and a distributor of wealth and prosperity. The gold doesn’t come from her… She transforms the gold into a lasting legacy, wasting nothing, and helping to create future abundance. She is wise and practical, yet very kind.

Laxshmi is an important goddess for me in general, but I usually feel a stronger connection in the summer time.

She seems to hover around this card for me in a way I can’t shake. I’ve not focused on her as strongly as I have Saraswati. I needed Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, art, music, and education to fully break open my head. That’s been done for a while. I can reach the places I need to go in travels due in part to her influence. Music, reading, art, and attaining more knowledge are all significant spiritual triggers for me. It didn’t work that way for me before. She’s still important, but I feel that I’ve ignored Laxshmi except for the times that I really wanted or needed something.

9 of Pents from the Halloween Tarot

With all the big stuff that is happening in my life right now, maybe focusing on prosperity and abundance is a part of it all. With looking for a new house and working with some new spiritual ammunition, I feel like some really good stuff is starting to flower. The Queen of Pents and her approach is the right way to handle everything coming at me at once…

The 9 of Pents is a card that I pull often. She represents me at my very best.

Laxshmi has an earthly connection to wealth, just as the Queen of Pents does. My goals are more about wealth, but not necessarily just finances (although I believe that’s a part of it). I am spiritually wealthy, in that I have a great deal of support and growth to tap into. Despite my moment of severe Hermitude, I realize that internally I am lucky to have built the resources I have. It didn’t happen overnight. I am wealthy in opportunity. Work is going well. I am wealthy in love. I am wealthy in family. I know there will be set-backs, but instead of self-sabotage I need to look at what I do have.

Laxshmi is a good support for this. She provides the opportunities for wealth, abundance, and prosperity. It’s up to the Queen of Pents to nurture it, grow it, and build it into something tangible. She is all about tangible.

That is good advice for me spiritually and MunDanishly.

I thought that this November wouldn’t be my Kali month, like it was last year…

I was wrong on all accounts. It was SOOOOOOOO a Kali Month, even though I made it a point to put Ganesha front and center.

This time it was mostly anxiety that came out over the stress of house-buying. Anxiety is my ultimate Bad Chaos. I feel like it was necessary to sink as low as I could go, in order to move up and forward. Kali can’t always protect us from darkness, because as a mother she knows that we need a bit of chaos in order to truly change. She has a job to do, and wouldn’t be able to do it if she projected an image of love or nurturing to us. She loves us so much that she makes sure to protect us as much as she can. She is the Dark Mother, nurturing us in invisible ways that we can’t see.

I made it through. Apparently Laxshmi is the one whose attention I have now. Given the circumstances, this is good.

It seems like the gods that are asking for my focus at whatever time seem to be the ones I need the most.

Based on my birthday, the Queen of Wands is my significator. Based on observation, my Q of W side is tempered by my Q of P side…. When my cuppy side doesn’t fuck things up. So- I am entering a time where Order is important, but it brings an abundance of enough new good things to make it Good Order. To keep it that way, I need to overcome Bad Chaos calmly and rationally as only the Q of P can, but I can let a little bit of the Good Chaos in. It’s pretty relative, actually.

And… The Queen of Pents is also a good lady to have show up when you’re in the middle of moving and/or fixing up a house.

Pink and gold and sparkles? Maha Laxshmi is pretty fabulous.

My cards always run literal and spiritual. Alright- Lady of Prosperity… Message received. I’ll put my Q of Pents Pants on, and give you your due. I think I am happiest in Good Order with just enough Good Chaos to keep me entertained.

I knew there was something about that Queen of Pents that was important, but I had to write on it a bit to see it. In looking for a house, I know one thing… The Queen of Pents needs to approve of the kitchen. If it’s not cheerful and bright, or updated and contemporary… No dice, Holmes!


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