Special K… Ready? OK!

Special K… Ready? OK!

The MunDanish will kill us if we let it.

I say… Don’t.

If you’ve the talent, hoodwink the suckers into submission, and they’ll never know the difference.

I’m having a very MunDanish fall. I need to get back to my roots… literally. My batteries are still in dire need of recharging, and I haven’t the foggiest why.

I had a BIG SPECIAL K SCARE last week. I ended up having a mini-breakdown while applying eyeliner. I’m doing much better now. It was all kinds of intense. SHE is insatiable when she has a point to prove. I can say “Kali” now, but it’s been tough. She scared the giblets out of me last Fall, and gave me an ulcer. Not joking on the latter… I got a peptic ulcer last November, which thankfully healed and has not come back since. It’s a really yucky, awful, draining kind of feeling. I never appreciated how icky one can make you feel. Special K was sending me into purge mode. “OUT with the OLD and in with the NEW… Er…. Hi, Saraswati. You want to take over from here?”. It was terrible and painful. It was the exact point in time where the Egyptian Pantheon bid me farewell, and Eris faded back into the ether.

Nice. It’s taken me a whole year to see what she was doing. I never considered it. My memory is arranged in colorful chronological boxes that don’t always interconnect. I totally missed it. My Special K. Hell Month was a way of clearing the way for the Gods I can truly call my gods. Shedding those old connections was painful, but necessary. I didn’t have a choice in the matter if I wanted to move forward. And forward, I’ve moved…

I never would have been ready to see some things I’ve seen if it hadn’t happened.

Wow. Here I was complaining about MunDanishness and I just had one of *those* moments where you know that the Gods are having a kindly chuckle at your expense.

Certain gods are hinged to certain seasons for me… Yet another pattern of some kind. Kali is late Fall through the New Year. There must be an aspect of Persephone in that… Yet another pattern I hadn’t considered. Or maybe I am taking on her role, and subjecting myself to the dark? I don’t know. My brain needs beer, and cannot process big fancy thoughts. Where was I?

Ah… Yes… MunDanish…

Fuck ’em. They just don’t know how to party like the big kids.

Anyone up for some beer pong?


One thought on “Special K… Ready? OK!

  1. “…a mini-breakdown while applying eyeliner.” – as one does 🙂 I look forward to hearing about your new homies. From what I’ve read in other places, the Egyptians are fairly nomadic, breezing in and out of our lives with their own schedule to keep. It helps me not worry so much about Sekhmet being there and not there and me not knowing what to do with that, when some people are like “this” with Her.

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