Diet*Tarot: Death Becomes Her

Diet*Tarot: Death Becomes Her

Today is the day I was most dreading thus far.


My birthday weekend!


Today was the first day I felt a difference. A pair of pants I grabbed off the wrack a few months ago that ended up not fitting me at all are… wait for it… wait for it…

A little bit loose!

FUCK YEAH! Physical transformation? I got it! I got it right here!

I feel good, vindicated, and suddenly restored.

I am also high as fuck right now, but that’s probably an entry for another time.

It was my birthday dinner, so I indulged in some homemade pasrtry and good beer. Other than that, good-good-good! I also indulged in some particularly divine herbal apetizers. I’ll admit to it. Whatever man. I have a doctors recommendation, and am perfectly legal to use it in the lovely state of California.

Crickey… I am sure some pagans enjoy herbal intoxicants. I am also sure that some do not find it at all appropriate. I  personally say “fuckit!”. I just don’t care. My use of herbs is in between me and my gods, not that I don’t enjoy talking shop with a fellow connoisseur! If that purples your kush, can I get a hell yes?

Hell yes!

I feel restored. Transformed. Had some good metaphysical stuff surface today.

Death? It means that I’ve hit a plateau with more mountains to come.

I can soooooooo do this!

I bought a pair of pants last week, my usual size. They don’t fit anymore! Whooo-hooo!


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