Diet*Tarot Day 14: Temperance? Talk to the Pants!

Diet*Tarot Day 14: Temperance? Talk to the Pants!

So… Temperance. We meet at last!

Day 14.

That’s over half-way there. I should congratulate myself by getting myself a new iPhone, but since I was going to do that anyway…

I’m feeling good physically and mentally. I feel in control, stable, and able to go the distance. In short, Temperance got here with a bang, albeit a smooth and mellow sounding one. A little less bang for your buck initially, but Madame Temperance is a longterm investment. That lack of fireworks isn’t at all a bad thing. I see Temperance as being a more passive yet still active manifestation of the Magician. It’s more about the subtleties than flashes of glory. The water flows up and down in constant motion, and that takes a certain degree of skill. She braves the water and controls it, with one foot back and the other ahead. It’s a rhythm. My newly established routines and habits have taken on a sort of flow that makes them seem more like the regular scheme of things.

Temperance is not the new black. She is the new normal.

I am a little bit hungry. I eat. I move on. Food for fuel and enjoyment? Yes. Fuel first. Mindful eating? Sure, that factors in too. Temperance invented mindful eating!

I’m not about to complain about my clothes fitting a little bit better. My mental outlook while dieting is very much tied to the fluctuations I see on that damn scale. I’ve only stepped on the scale twice in the last two weeks, and I don’t feel the need to do so today or even tomorrow. The scale lies, but pants don’t. My pants are looser. They speak for themselves.

Oh? You’d like to speak to my pants?

Sorry, Devil. It’s not going to happen. Every Devil has his day, and yours is not until tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Diet*Tarot Day 14: Temperance? Talk to the Pants!

  1. Hooray for pants! Especially pants that don’t fit for the right reasons!! The batteries in our scale are pooped, so I rely on the pants as well. The pants never lie.

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