Diet*Tarot Day 6: The Lovers

Diet*Tarot Day 6: The Lovers

Let me just say that the Lovers is an interesting card to leave on your altar, particularly if your altar is near your bed.

The Magician I Married is now sure that we should just leave the card there all the time.

Yeah, so… It’s good to burn calories before you eat because… So, anyway…

All and all, it’s been an awesome day. I’ve just relaxed, and that’s it. I’ve been feeling a bit worn out mentally and spiritually with so many big things happening in my life all at once. My grandmother is probably going to pass within the week. My husband’s big promotion and big raise went through (finally!), and we’re now in the market to buy a house. Which means moving! I have some licensing I’m trying to get for work, and studying is overwhelming me… This with trying to diet? Seriously. I’m a bit frazzled in the membrane, rather than insane.

I’m seeing where the Lovers are particularly relevant. I have the munchies with a seriousness! This is totally my own fault, letting my vices get the best of me, but… Godsdamn… I need something crunchy or salty. I could probably nom on some carrots and hummus, but since I don’t happen to have either one of those… I also know we have triscuits in the house. Triscuits happen to be one of my favorite things to eat while indulging in my vices. The texture is of particular interest. I am making a choice to stick with my plan. If it’s not a healthy snack, it’s not something to be snacked on at all. Battle the cravings and taking the high road isn’t easy. It’s definitely thrown a monkey wrench in Relaxo Day. Still, I’d argue that making the conscious choice not to give into that temptation and to choose the higher path is quite relevant to the Lovers.

Still… The weather is lovely out today, and the Magician and I are enjoying the sunshine. I can pass on triscuit-tricksters. I’ve got more than what I need right here. Also, I am enjoying a light beer. Not the best, but I’ll take what I can get.


5 thoughts on “Diet*Tarot Day 6: The Lovers

  1. Leaving the Lovers on your altar might be good, but don’t sleep with them under your pillow! I wish I could remember my dreams; dug some serious dark kaka up. Hooray for raises and houses!!! And if you’re going to cheat, make it something better than Triscuits. Seriously 😉

    1. Don’t knock the triscuits lady! They take on a whole new level of awesome when you’re just as baked as they are. Trust me! :p

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