Diet*Tarot Days 3 & 4: The Empress & Emporer Rule!

Diet*Tarot Days 3 & 4: The Empress & Emporer Rule!

"The Empress" from the Jasniak Tarot by Aleksandra Jasniak.

I lagged for a couple of days, but I’m still on the wagon. No one fell off, surprisingly… It’s been a little bit like playing a relatively uneventful game of Oregon Trail. Nothing exciting, things are going as expected in a good way, and the sailing is so smooth that I’m pretty sure I’ve inadvertently channeled the Spirit of Yaht Rock. I am thinking for some of my Power Players, i.e. The Magician, the HP, and quite possibly today’s Hierophant that a full entry is needed.

But does full entry come with full release?

Don’t answer that.

I am doing well, feeling well, and am in what feels like a healthy place both rationally and emotionally. By focusing on a card for each day, it’s strange how my day or my energy will parallel that card in some way. Sure, this makes me a little bit afraid of the devil and death, but… Or does it? I take the more “negative” aspects of some of these cards as a challenge or an opportunity. Sure, Death isn’t always literal death, but transformation isn’t always pleasant or without pain. Yet what the idea of transformation means as one is sticking with a diet or an eating plan is a very positive thing. You’ve got to endure the bad and find ways around it, cards or not. There are bad diet days, regardless of using the cards for support on your journey or not. Using tarot is a way to look at those days in a more objective way.

I seem to channel and work with the energy on some days, as I did a few days back with the Empress. Other days, I am more removed from the more mystical elements, yet actively manifesting that card in MunDanish ways as I did with the Emperor yesterday. I think for each person, it depends on which cards they like and are drawn to, and which ones really resonate the most with what you’re experiencing at the time. I listened to playlists for the Magician, HP, and Empress, and nothing for the Emperor. Why? It just didn’t feel like it was going to be that kind of day.

Still, things are working. I hopped on the scale a few days earlier than I’d planned (The Empress wants what she wants and she wants it NOW!). I’ve lost 9 lbs in the last month! The week I took off for PMS didn’t even count! I don’t know how that happened, but I’ll take it. I am thrilled to be able to do this without relying on diet pills. I’ve had it in my mind that I can’t lose weight without being drugged up on a *phenterCRUNKY cocktail. It’s effective stuff. I am one of those lucky people who does very well on it without side effects. Still, it’s impossible to get it reliably at a reasonable price. I’m sorry OnlinePharmaDicks Dot Com, what you’re demanding upwards of $200 for is probably phenterCRACK or phenterMETH rather than phenterCRUNKY. Sure, you can maybe find a doctor who will prescribe it if you’re lucky or find one of those expensive weekly diet “clinics”. I’ve done all that. It doesn’t help in the long term, obviously. It is not worth it. I am glad to find myself motivated, not ravenously hungry, and able to do this without such a crutch. Besides, I can’t take the stuff with one of my other meds. Problem solved.

Shit. You can tell it’s Hierophant day. I got my soapbox out, and I am rocking it!

Day 3- The Empress… Oddly enough, I just felt good that day. Good on the inside, like light was radiating from within. I stuck with my plan, but it felt effortless, natural, unhurried, unforced. I enjoyed what I ate that day more than I normally would, and sought out ways to get more creative with what I had to work with. The Empress and I both enjoy good food, and I felt a need to get a little bit creative. My medifast cappuccino? It’s okay by itself, but mixed in with a cup of very good and strong coffee? Nice! The medifast chai? It’s actually one of their better ones, but mixing it into some of this? Co-workers chimed in “OMG! WHAT IS THAT? IT SMELLS SO GOOD!”. Diet food, you skinny bitches! Recognize! The Empress inspired me to improvise, and I came up with a lot of little ways to make my food choices more varied without deviating too much. The Empress has a way of taking over whenever I invite her into my life. Of course, I had a good hair day, my make-up looked flawless for once, and I rocked some pretty kickass heels with aplomb. The Empress inspires one to feel as good as they can, both on the inside and outside. She demands it… then she goes and lays down for a nice, leisurely mid-day nap. All in all, it was a good day on all accounts. Sure, putting together a small playlist of Empress-y songs didn’t hurt. Whenever I think of the Empress, I can’t help but get the song “Sugar Magnolia” stuck in my head… Yeah, I went through a minor dead-head phase in high school. It was cool to be a hippie in 1993… as long as you bathed regularly.

♪♫ Sugar magnolia, blossoms blooming, head’s all empty and I don’t care… ♫♪

Day 4- The Emperor… This one was a bit tougher. I normally don’t connect with this guy at all. He’s just a bit too patriarchal for my liking. I didn’t put together a playlist, as it would require way too much Biggie Smallz for my liking. I don’t know why I associate Biggie with the Emperor. It probably has something to do with presence. The Emperor comes up for me as the personification of masculine mental focus… The ability to zero-in on the task at hand, to lead, to demand excellence as only a king would. The Emperor is THE MAN. I happen to work in an industry that is very Emperor-Hierophanty. It manifested for me in a bigger way than I thought. I was buried at work yesterday, quite unexpectedly. I had a lot of projects thrown on my desk that needed my attention ASAP, and while I could let them wait until Monday, it didn’t seem like the right or honorable thing to do. I had my breakfast, and worked steadily until about 2:30, not even realizing that I’d worked through lunch time. I was so busy and focused (the Emperor is good at focusing on the task at hand) that I forgot to eat. I LOVE THAT! IT’S AWESOME! Just like a skinny bitch! WoOOHOOO! The Emperor “encouraged” (i.e. He’s bigger than a king. He doesn’t encourage. He demands. You listen.) me to eat some “real food”, as with my blood sugar issues and waiting so long to eat, I needed a little bit more protein than normal. I was so mentally in Emporer’s-Bringin’-It-Workin’-For-The-Man-Gettin’-Shit-Done mode that any residual snacky-empress moments I might have experienced are nonexistent. The Emperor’s leadership gave me the focus I needed to get through what could normally be a very icky day. It is largely about leading and doing what is necessary to maintain balance and order within the kingdom. He can’t do it alone, of course. That’s why he has a Hierophant to do his compliance.

Day 5? That’s another entry, man.

Note to self… 6 of WIN-WIN-WIN!

*I don’t want to get spammed by PharmBots. Phonetically it’s pronounced fenn-tur-mean. Get it? Got it? Good.


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