Diet*Tarot Day 1: The Magician

Diet*Tarot Day 1: The Magician

Oh Magician… You’re certainly not a bad influence to have around. With all that swagger and confidence, even if you know deep down that you don’t know shit, you certainly put together one hell of a presentation. You use all of the tools in your small but powerful arsenal rolling around in your trusty Fool’s Knapsack to BRING IT. Hell, Magician, no one would know that what you’re pimpin’ is all you’ve got. Shhhhh… I won’t tell. You’ve got ideas and possibilties, and while I think you can be a bit shallow at times, I think your ideas have real potential.

It’s not so much about “I Will” with the Magician. It’s more “I Do… Look, and I’ll show you!”

The Magician is about power wielded, raw and potent, full of energy, but lacking refinement and insight at times. The Magician has tunnel vision. He is just as much about now as The Fool, except the infectious charisma he projects often clouds his perceptions. Too much confidence can be to one’s detriment, but the Magician can balance it by moving forward. If you want to get shit done, with the right amount of skill, knowledge, and swagger… He’s your guy.

I am seeing the Magician manifesting a great burst of needed energy and forward momentum. “Let’s do this!” He says, presenting quite a display of tools I never knew I had, faking the confidence to use them flawlessly until gaining the knowledge to use them properly. Sure, I’ve got a basic idea of what I’m trying to accomplish by establishing new habits, as well as a fairly good eating plan in place. I’ve not been dragged down by my Monkey yet, nor has frustration caught up with me yet. The Magician in me feels good about where I’m at, and even though I might feel a little bit lost as to how the process will ultimately roll out, it’s not stopping me from going for it. Self-doubt is something the Magician is good at conquering, and I could certainly use to learn a lesson or two there.

“I can. I do. I will. HOOOOO-AHHHHH!” The Magician on a diet shouts. “I know how to do this… now… Let’s DO IT! Awwwww-yeah meaux-feaux!”

Let me tell you, thats some powerful energy to channel before you’ve had any coffee… I didn’t mean to, of course. Something snapped though. The Magician has a way of taking over. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and jittery for no reason, I need to eat but feel to nervy to keep much food down. This is the bad side of the Magician. I see blood sugar swings being an issue today. The GREAT SURGE OF NAUSEA AND DIZZY MADNESS caused by blood sugar fluctuations is in a similar vein as the Magician on a bad day or The Chariot. I’m not sure I like that.

But… I can. I do. I will… So… I appreciate this part of the process. A bit of momentum and confidence is good. It will serve me well.

A little bit later…

The Magician? GREAT SUCCESS! Today wasn’t so bad. I think I talked myself up more than anything else, but that is one of the Magician’s many charms. Instead of whining and complaining about the fact that I only had veggie burgers and more cursed green beans to eat, I actually got my ass to the store afterwork. A miracle? Nope. Inspired action, thanks to the Man with the Wand and the Wicked Grin.

I’m finding that just having the card as a focus is helpful. I’m less apt to dwell on the stuff that usually gets me. Take action, use the tools you have, and PIMP them! Got it, bro. I totally got it.


2 thoughts on “Diet*Tarot Day 1: The Magician

  1. What’s great about the Magician is that he’s the one that will keep you going until 4am when you’re riding that wave of inspiration (he also doesn’t always know when to stop, but you know that going in!) I’m interested to see how he manifests down the road when you get to the point of wanting to throw the towel in (Tower day?) I guess the Star shares the same cheerleader attitude of the Magician, just gentler and less frenzied.

    Are you going to eat nothing but mushrooms and poppy seed buns tomorrow for the HP? ;D

    1. I’m seriously not looking forward to the Tower… Or the Devil…

      I totally see the HP as being supportive of detox/fast type of deal. The Empress? Fat-free convenience foods with hundred calories packs. The Hierophant? Smug vegan raw-foodie. The more rules, the better!

      Not that I am going to do any of that. I’m sticking with the tofocodile! 😉

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