Diet*Tarot Day 0: The Darkside of The Fool

Diet*Tarot Day 0: The Darkside of The Fool

The Fool…

Well, it’s not about where we’ve been. Sure I am using some of that to move forward, but it’s little more than a helpful tool. Nope, the Fool doesn’t need to hang on to old baggage. There simply isn’t room in his knapsack for more than a few basic neccessities. He’s got to leave room for what he might collect along the way. He has no idea what that might be, but isn’t at all daunted by it.

Hell… he’s excited! And he just can’t hide it! He’s about to lose control, and I think he likes it!

To leap down the mountain side with a light load, with hardly a care, and zero expectations other than the journey itself is a rather nice thing to be able to do. No need to look back at what we’ve left behind! No need to dwell on the triumphs and tribulations of the past. It simply isn’t relevant, and adds nothing to the discussion.

To walk with the Fool on day one of a diet means you’re in for enthusiasm and a sense of readiness that renews and fulfills a sense of purpose. I am here for a reason. The reasons don’t matter as much as the process itself, and I am ready for it. I will take it on. Challenges? They’re not going to get me down at this point… When you’re riding with the Fool, the optimism is infectious. You can’t shake the feeling that it’s going to be rough, but you won’t be alone. A Fool doesn’t worry about that on day one… He’s ready to get his kicks on Route 666… or wherever the road may lead.

I’m feeling more or less good about things. I had a bit of a conundrum though. I want to embrace the Fool as fully as possible, and part of me thought that I needed to find some new or exciting diet pill or method I hadn’t tried in order to do that. Easier said than done… Other than Jenny Craig, I’ve done them all and gained it all back. Twice. Yet, the Fool isn’t neccessarily unprepared for his innocence and giddy sense of discovery. Provisions are important. I’m going to stick with Medifast for a bit. It works for me and it’s fairly easy to manage with my schedule. I can also do it without turning to diet pills, which is a good thing. I was pissy because I forgot about their whole automatic shipping thing… I thought about cancelling, but it looks like they’ve already shipped. I’ll take it as a sign that it’s the right place for me to start.

I actually want to go to the gym today. I woke up thinking that I wanted to… WHAT? Yeah. Of course, I forgot my shoes. I wore some kickass heels to work today, and I don’t think they’d do well on the treadmill. Not that I wouldn’t try…

The Fool takes the old lessons and stashes them away, and opens himself up to the new. The Fool is not an idiot… not completely.

“Let’s get this party started!” He shouts.

Well… No time like the present, eh? I shall celebrate in the best way I know how… I’ll have a diet shake. Bleh, you say? Whatever man. I don’t care. I’m just hungry. I’m not feeling particularly picky about what goes in my mouth. Interpret that as you will.

On second thought… Don’t.

Later On in the Day of the Fool…

I am thinking the theme here is embrace now, look towards tomorrow, but don’t get too far ahead of yourself or you’ll fall on your ass. Now means veggie burgers and green beans for dinner, without a cool refreshing beer to wash it down. It’s all gone to fucksy, man… No beer with dinner. Well… I EMBRACE THE NOW THAT IS DINNER WITHOUT BEER!

Still, to walk with the Fool is to walk boldly with confidence. Today wasn’t so bad. Today was pretty good. I’m a little bit hungry, but not screamingly so. Tomorrow the Magician goes to work… I have no idea how that will play out, but I feel good about it.I have to start somewhere, and the Fool is just as good a place as any. If there is any lesson here to learn, it’s that if the same old things done the same old way don’t work, a new shift in perspective can make all the difference.

I’ve decided to avoid the scale for a while. I’d rather the focus be on eating well and thriving, not simply trying to get the numbers to go down. The Fool’s enthusiasm could be knocked down a peg or two by a too-much-sodium induced set-back. I need my damn Fool to be on his game! I’ve got shit to do!


I EMBRACE THE NOW THAT IS… How soon is now? ♪♫ I am human and I need to be loved… Just like everybody else does… ♪♫ I EMBRACE THE NOW THAT IS… Yesterday. Wait, what? No wonder a lot of those new-agey folks sound like such idiots…

They’re channeling the Darkside of the Fool!


3 thoughts on “Diet*Tarot Day 0: The Darkside of The Fool

  1. Thoughts I had while reading this: 1) the Fool doesn’t get all judgy up in here and lives each day as it comes and 2) will you be carrying your daily lessons in your knapsack, even when you’ve moved onto the next card?

    I like that you’re using the Sephiroth; it’s a nice compromise between the dynamic colours of the World Spirit and the sometimes cruel delivery of the Thoth. What struck me is the crocodile. Maybe you should try exotic meats? No? It’s just me who wants to eat her way up the food chain? 😉

    1. I keep thinking that the Fool is going to keep stuffing things in his hobo-sack as we go along, which I suppose is better than me stuffing things in my face!

      Tofurkey is about as close as I’ve gotten to exotic meats… Tofocodile? 😉

      1. The the Fool might need… BIG RED! 🙂 Tofocodile sounds vaguely swearish. I think I’m going to incorporate it into my cuss-repertoire!

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