21 Days… Or 22 Days… Or… Wait, What?

21 Days… Or 22 Days… Or… Wait, What?

Today my little Diet*Tarot experiment begins. We have to start somewhere, don’t we? I got a brilliant little flash of insight on timing the other day that will serve me very, very, very well. I’d not advocate this for everyone, but my eating issues are strongly tied to hormones. Why can’t I stick to a diet for more than two weeks at a time? Simple. It starts with P to the M to the S, and in my reproductive junk it’s a big old mess. The blood sugar swings are brutal and overppowering, my overall physical condition takes a nose-dive, my body is taken over by a menacing form of fatigue, and my need for comfort food spikes off the fucking charts.

“That sounds more like an alient infestation than PMS, Miss Eris…”

Possibly. I never said I wasn’t from outerspace. Let that be a lesson to you! You’ve done been schooled, bitches!

No, really. There are about 22 days out of the month where I function well and can step-up my game in any area needing it. There are about 8-10 of them that are horrid. 30-32 day cycle, yo. TMI? Suck it, Trebeck. It’s relevant! Since, well… at this point, I’ve got about 21-22 days to get my shit together before the Primordial Monkey Shit starts to flow downstream again. So, my battle is definitely linked to hormonal issues. I can actually see it mapping out in front of me… I’ve never thought of that as being part of the problem. Maybe using tarot to get my habits solidified, in place, and ready for the Demon Beast Monkey who will surely climb back on this baby’s back… Well… I think it will make a difference.

I have three weeks to get my shit together. I have powerful allies. I can transform this issue into something good, or better. Tarot is the best healing tool I know, other than herbs or antibiotics. And no, I don’t intend to stop partaking of my favorite herbs during this little Diet*Tarot 22 Butt Shrinking, Monkey Shirking Bootcamp. I asked Tarot Nusantara, and it said “No.” Yeah, the munchies are bad when you’re dieting, but I’ve got to put my foot down somewhere.

It’s funny, I thought I had it all figured out, but I just didn’t feel ready to get started yet. Until I recalled the numbers. 21 days to change a habit. 21 cards in the major arcana (I guess the fool doesn’t count until he’s skipped a bit further down the path). 21 days in my cycle that I can actually stick to something and see some success… 6 of WIN!

I could easily lather, rinse, and repeat next month with a different deck. After much deliberation, I went with the Tarot of the Sephiroth. I wanted something powerful, direct, bold, crisp, and clean. The majors are amongst my favorite of any deck, and it seemed to be a good companion for the journey. I thought about using the Wheel of Change, as it lends itself well to pathworking, but it didn’t feel right. For the first leg of the journey, I spent a lot of time doing prep yesterday. I thought about the Fool, and how he might prepare for a journey. The Fool has a knapsack, and it’s not very big. I spent some time pathworking it out, and did a little bit of magickal work to get myself ready to embark on a journey. Yes, we’ve established that weight loss spells don’t work for me. Or, at least the ones I’ve been doing don’t work well enough to change my behavior for long. I did the egg-transfer thing, which should yield interesting results (I noticed later that the Fool on the Sephiroth appears to be holding an egg… Jackpot!). I also thought of the Fool, leaving comfort and safety behind. Wouldn’t he want to go to his mom’s house for a good dinner the night before embarking on his voyage? Hells yeah, he would! It was a good excuse for me to make tacos. Not that tacos are always unhealthy, but these ones were certainly not!

So today I am… The Fool!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life… WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!


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