Here Comes Your Hanged Man

Here Comes Your Hanged Man

Last week’s Lovers was interesting at best… I pretty much nailed it for the work-related partnership, although there was a bit more to it than that. Of course! It would be unlike me to not have a card party working overtime on multiple cylinders. Yes, for sure. The Dream Team and I had quite a few meetings last week, and I helped them on a ton of projects. Probably more than I should have done, but I want to help them. Most of our coworkers and partners are exited that the King of Wands and the Queen of Cuppy-Pents (There was no princessing happening, as she left her swords at home) have teamed up, and there was a lot of activity to that end last week. His enthusiasm and motivation along with her ability to nurture and grow relationships is all money as far as I am concerned. I was along for the ride, mostly. It’s a very good thing for me. It doesn’t solve all of my work-related issues, but it is a good move towards the future. The whole week for me was very much focused on what was happening with Them. Their projects. Their new team. Their plans. I am totally okay with that. Their plans are my plans.

I am in a role that gives me a lot of flexibility at present, and I am seriously thankful to be given the kind of choices and autonomy I never had before. That choice is also integral to the lovers… an intersecting of paths, a crossroads, and a choice to make based on convictions and ethics in addition to partnerships and camaraderie.  It is, deep in my swordy-sense of justice and balance, the right path. The card didn’t tell me this, it simply confirmed it with a wink and a nod. I will be busy with the Dream Team, but the kind of busy I can handle and thrive within.

Also, an added bonus of the Lovers? The sex! There might have been lot’s of good sexin’ in my house, for no apparent reason. That’s certainly not a bad thing, is it?

For this week, I pulled The Hanged Man. This isn’t one of my regulars. I don’t see him often, and I never know quite what to do with him. My intuition says… “Don’t do anything.”

In the past few weeks, I’ve gotten back to my magickal roots and done a working or invocation if I’ve felt the card I pulled warranted it. For the Sun, I embraced it. No magick. For the Empress, I worked with Lakshmi a bit. For the Lovers, I felt it was right to bust out the the will-weaving in order to get myself in a more confident mind-set to be ready for the bright, bold onslaught of Wands & Cups & Pents & Princessing. I have a strange affliction with wandiness. It can come from me, but I get a bit jumbled if too much of it is coming from someone else. I worked it to bring myself to where I need to be mentally to work with these guys and not get overwhelmed. It’s a different way of working… Working with what the cards present in the MunDanish realm, rather than shooting ahead into more esoteric and mystical waters. It’s a bit more timely and immediate, and it seems pretty good for my focus, which can be uncharmingly Erisian at times.

Change perspective. Let go. Ride it out. Looking at the Hanged Man on the Jolanda deck, he seems tranquil. Comfortable. Not terribly worried. The fish in the waters below aren’t of real concern to him, although he cannot see them. They are friendly. The flying fish are singing to him, I think. Jabbering a bit. He’s not really paying attention. He is not afraid. He just is.

What me, worry? He’s got shit to do when he hoists himself off that branch, but he’s not worried about it now.

I can’t clearly see what this specifically pertains to, but since it’s the Hanged Man, I am not even going to try. No workings. No invocation. No pathworking. I am going to let go, and let gods. If I am meant to figure it out, I surely will.

I get the obnoxious feeling that I need to do some kind of balancing work. Maybe I need to start tai-chi again? Bust out the yoga ball?

The Hanged Man says… “Dude… We’ll see… Dude…”

I think I have a good inclination as to the Hanged Man’s recreational habits, and I can’t say I disapprove. No, I’m not holding, but I’m cool, man. I’m cool.

Besides, I’ve got some kind of flu buggy today. I don’t have the energy to do anything. The Hanged Man doesn’t lie.


3 thoughts on “Here Comes Your Hanged Man

  1. I’ve been trying to think of something meaningful to contribute, but all I keep coming up with is how much I freakin’ love Jolanda! If the family pay attention and get my vouchers for ma barfday, I am sooo finally getting Jolanda! That great, big happy fish – hee!

    There *is* something about the waspy-dragonfly at his centre that is speaking to me, but I can’t understand what it’s saying. All buzzy. But it means something…

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