Helloooooo Nurse? No! Helllllooooo Tarot Nusantara!

Helloooooo Nurse? No! Helllllooooo Tarot Nusantara!

I just got my Tarot Nustantara in the mail today! Squee! Deck interview time!

I think my copy might have been a bit grumpy upon arrival, so I am going to give it a day or two to chill until I mess with it again.

Hi! It’s nice to meet you! Welcome to my Tarot Basket. So… Tell me about yourself…

9 of Wands

Oh… I get it. You’re not entirely sure how you feel about things yet. A bit on the defensive, yes? I know, we speak different languages, but I’ve got to tell you that your images really transcend the language barrier. I’m going to have some hiccups with your court cards, but other than that I’ve shuffled through you and the images just pop! I’m excited to work with you, for what it’s worth. Other than RWS clone, I don’t know of a deck whose symbolism snaps, crackles, and pops so much for me. Maybe I’ve come on too strong, and it’s a bit much for you?

I saw all of those colorful patterns and swirly shapes, and I thought we’d have fun. Why so serious?

The Chariot

I totally get it now. My excitement to start shuffling and my criticisms of the paper nubbins on your edges, and the flimsy nature of the stock you’re printed on was a bit of an imposition on my part. No wonder you were on the defensive. You’ve made a very long journey to your destination. Who knows what hibbity-jibbity uber-Wiggins you picked up on the way… You must be exhausted! And I was way too intense with my criticism and my squees. I take it that you’re a bit calm, collected, and rational. Totally unexpected. Maybe I need to get to know you to see your quirky side.

What can I do to make this easier for both of us?

4 of Swords

Ahhhhhh… I see. You had a long strange trip. You need some rest. Not a problem. I got this really cute pouch/wallet thingy at Tar-Jay that is turquoise with an orange peace sign on it. It was $1.67 on the clearance rack! Perfect mini-deck size! Since you didn’t come with a box, I’d say it will probably do you up nicely until I can find something a bit fancier. I am thinking you’d thrive with orange, aqua, and gold. I love the muted-brights palette. Lovely…

So… maybe we should talk tomorrow?

10 of Pents

Yes, the sun will come out tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. I will never go hungry again. I get it. You do have a sense of humor.

A dry sense of humor?

4 of Cups

You’re right… I didn’t see that one coming. Touché, Nusantara… Touché!

Anything else?

The Hermit

Alright, alright… I’ll let you rest for a while. Believe it or not, I’ve got an altar or two. Once of which would be a lovely place for a disco nap… without the disco.

Which altar do you want?


Persephone it is then… It’s a bit more springy than deathy, I gotta warn you. I change it up with the seasons. I’m probably going to switch it up for summer soon, but I think you’ll like it. Sleep tight… Don’t let anything chthonic bite! I doubt you will. You’ve got some wandy fire in ya… I can tell.

Tomorrow is another day, and I’ll get my divination on, Nusantara style in due time.


2 thoughts on “Helloooooo Nurse? No! Helllllooooo Tarot Nusantara!

  1. Weeeeeee!!! Although I must chastise you for being mean about the nubbins. We all have flaws 😉 Just a warning, ‘Tara’s gonna warp, so be prepared and just go with it. I love that it was so crystal clear about needing a nap and chose Persephone to go take it! I think you’re going to have fun together. Ooh! Maybe you could let Jolanda and ‘Tara have a chat? I don’t know… it seems like they’d either get along famously or land up destroying the room 😀

  2. I think Jolanda and The United States of Nusantara might need to have a chat… I’ll have to hide my Sweet Twilight, since it seems to get very emo-tarded when Jolanda hangs out with other decks. Sweet T has a bit of a girl-crush, it seems.

    I love decks that change and evolve… nubbins aside. I am a bit of a nubbinazi. 😉

    I am still scouring the hippie shops and boutiques for just the right home for Ms. ‘Tara. I have a feeling that she’s going to be tricky until she gets digs she approves of.

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