My Baby-Mama’s Got Some Empress Drama…

My Baby-Mama’s Got Some Empress Drama…

Card of the week? The Empress.

I was thinking… “Oh neat! A week of creativity, bounty, abundance, and prosperity! Maybe I’ll get a bonus! Maybe Fuji apples will be on sale! Maybe I’ll finally find time to macramé myself a thong! Oh joy of great joys!”

Well, that’s not exactly how it went.

It’s like the masses have done and got themselves baby fever over the last week! BABY FEVER! GAHHHH!! Everywhere I look, there’s a fucking baby! And another baby! And another stupid baby! And a pregnant mom! And another one! And another friend or co-worker dropping the spawn bomb! Can I get a witness? Now, for the record I don’t have kids, and I don’t ever want them. I don’t like small infants, and don’t understand the fuss about babies. I just don’t care for them. I’m not at all excited by the idea of popping one out. I am missing the mom-gene. You know that weird emotional/biological desire that many people have to breed for procreation, not recreation as I prefer it? That thing that makes you want to be a parent? I don’t have that. I am totally missing it. I really don’t understand. I feel that way about puppies. I love puppies. I want to be surrounded by puppies. I can’t resist them! I think my baby-bucket is broken. I’m not totally heartless. I like kids once they’re old enough for me to find them entertaining… and likewise. I rock at peek-a-boo!

This Empress action was a bit of a smirk on her part. I don’t give all of the Empresses motherly aspects enough credit, apparently. I tend to gravitate towards more abstract ways of expressing creativity, not baby-popping-outing creation of life kind of creativity. They’re… very different approaches, unless we’re talking some fucked up kind of tantric art school sex.  I might approve of that. Obviously, The Empress thought I needed to be schooled. It was like Bring-Your-Baby-Or-Your-Baby-Mama To Work Week. Two more co-workers with spawn-bombs. Much discussion of babies and my not having of them. I could not escape the Baby Train. ATTACK OF THE 20′ Ft BABY! BWWAHAHAHAH! I even got shit for my pragmatic view on parenthood… By planning ahead, I essentially talked myself out of it. The pros and cons just don’t stack up for me.

People need to mind their bizness, Empress.

Still… I did have an abundance of migraines. I won’t doubt the lady or her power again.

Next week? I pulled The Lovers. I think it pertains to a potential business partnership that may be forming, that could really benefit me a lot. We shall see, won’t we?


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