Many Paths Up Monkey Mountain

Many Paths Up Monkey Mountain

The Lovers is my card for the week, but it definitely got me to thinking about how it could potentially play out, or what it’s related to. At work, there is a possible partnership forming between two of the people I work with. For me, it’s a win-win. I work with both of them, and teaming with them could be a very good thing for me. They’re both very talented, but I am good at what I do also. For the longterm, I am seeing a far different situation than I might have seen myself in prior to this. I am not just a lackey… I am actually valued! It wouldn’t change my day to day much, but it does change the focus of my work. I’d end up working for fewer people, and that would be rather helpful. We’re in a spot now where talks are being made, details ironed out, and ethical treatments of hypotheticals are being discussed. I see the Lovers as manifesting the beginning of this partnership as it should be, not as it’s been to this point. Ethics has been a huge part of the discussion and the decisions made around them. This is another reason why I think the Lovers seems to show up so strong.

So… Let’s read! Is this new partnership a good thing for me in the longterm? Both professionally, developmentally, and lucratively? I am doing a modified Past / Present/ Future spread. It’s more of a Past / Present / Paths to Take kind of deal.


The Ace of Pents

When Parner #2 came on board a few months back, I was really thinking that he was going to be good to work for or that it would be a good change for me. I see the Ace of Pents being the beginning of that relationship, with so much potential of the professional and monetary kind. He’s a King of Wands. His personality card is The World. His soul card is the Empress. It’s never bad to run the numbers on your co-workers if you’re trying to figure out how best to work with them. Seriously. For me it’s made a difference in how I relate to some of them, knowing how they tick. K of W brings it for sure. That Ace of Pents is showing him rolling on to the scene.


6 of Win

Oh yeah… For right now, this partnership is definitely good. Partner #1 is a serious Queen of Cups, with a sharp Queen of Swords edge if her convictions are called into question. She is a really good match for K of W and myself. My natural Hierophantiness overrides my wandy-ego at work. I wish I knew her birthdate, and I’d run her cards. I see a lot of The Empress in her, but also quite a bit of Strength too. It’s a fairly well balanced team. I keep forgetting that they’re bringing someone else on board for part of my territory, but that person doesn’t seem as integral to my future as this one does. It is a WIN for me, and everyone else.

Future on Current Path

9 of Pents / 8 of pents / 7 of cups

Basically, it will give me the kind of career I aspire to have. I will be recognized for being the best in my field. Experienced. Knowlegeble. Wordly. Wise. Well-Dressed. A classy dame. This partnership will give me the resources necessary to look at my career, and truly deliberate my next move. Sure, being a classy dame who knows her shit well doing what I do now has it’s perks. Yet the unlocked potential that lies behind Door#2 is just as alluring. This partnership opens many doors for me. I will have options and choices I may not have otherwise had.

Future on Another Path

9 of Swords / Knight of Swords / 5 of Pents

Had I continued to work for my old boss, the Lamp Stealer… ewwwwww… Mr. Knight of Wands was abnormally unpleasant at times, causing me a ton of anxiety. My sleeping patterns were awful. I was always swordy and on edge. I found it hard to focus on any positive aspects of working for that awful man and his quirks. I never expected him to leave, but you know… it’s made all the difference in the world.

What Do I Need To Know to Stay On The Correct Path?

9 of Cups / Justice / 2 of Swords

If You Wish… Basically, if I want for it to happen, I can make it happen. It’s only good, and for sure this partnership is the *right* path for me. It’s where I am intended to go, cutting the air with a sword, following a delicately balanced but carefully plotted course. I can balance working for the two of them. I am actually the balance between them. They both have strong personalities, and my abilty to balance and mediate will only help it to grow and thrive. Plus, I see the 9 of Cups as being a nod towards will. If I want it to happen, it will. And… it will fulfill all that I personally, professionally, and monetarily require.

Okay, Lovers… do what you gotta do!


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