Who Loves The Sun?

Who Loves The Sun?

"The Sun" from the Jolanda Tarot... The Moose is LOOSE!

I often find myself getting bogged down by pulling too many cards. The problem is, I get curious and I want more details. Can I help it if I am one inquisitive little humanzee? I CAN HAZ MOAR CARDZ PLEEZ! No. No you can’t. I decided to try something different this week. Rather than pulling a few cards, doing a spread and promptly forgetting about it, I just pulled one for the week. Instead of using it for divination, I thought I’d let the week unravel and see where it manifested. Divination is one of the tarot’s most best-known uses, but I know that I tend to fixate on that at times. Why not… well… not? I focused more on where the card itself showed up throughout my week, rather than on some random events that were attached to it. It simplifies things, and I found it wasn’t at all bad. I tend to use RWS based decks for readings most often, and if I am doing any type of divination that would be my first choice. For my Card-O-The-Week, I thought that something a bit more abstract and surreal might be better. A deck that I don’t use often enough to have a lot of associations with particular cards. I’ve been in a deck-rut lately. My trusty little pocket RWS with it’s pretty teal Fossil jewelry case container has been seeing waaaaay too much action lately. It’s my go-to choice for any kind of reading for other people, and it’s a good consistently all-round choice for myself. It always delivers, where Thoth refuses and the Illuminated tap dances (I love my Illuminated, but sometimes it softens the blow too much).

For a week of Cardy Goodness, I went with Jolanda. Jolanda is always quirky, and isn’t too attached to traditional ideas about anything. Not even traditional ideas about tradition. For last week, I pulled The Sun, of course! This could not have been better timing. The Sun manifested itself quite strongly for me, and consistently too. Even if I hadn’t have pulled it, I no doubt would have felt it.


The Sun card for the Jolanda deck features the face of a smiling Hindu-esque goddess-like figure. Helllllllooooooo, Lakshmi! I don’t usually work with her for monetary reasons. For me, she always graciously spirals into my practice when things are at their best. Warm, inviting, filled with bounty that she is only too glad to share. She knows how to take what is good, and increase it exponentially. I’ve felt rather good this week, as if warmed up from the inside. It’s not just been the beautiful weather we’ve been having. Lakshmi for me is all warm pink light with streams of gold. I don’t know if it gets much sunnier than that. I felt accepting of whatever she had to give, although I was not asking for anything. (I’m still grappling with the super surf-party wave of Shakti goodness I’ve been riding over the last few months… Not sure where it’s going. More on that later. )


I’ve switched my focus a bit on some weight/body image issues that have always plagued me. Instead of fighting against what I don’t like, I’ve been working to feel more confident about what I do like. I did a little bit of Full Moon Fuckery to that end, and I’ve been a bit easy on myself diet-wise. The Sun is one of the most curious influences I’ve ever found. I didn’t obsess about my weight once this week. Instead, I felt good in the skin I’m in. All of my outfits looked cute and flattering. I had a run of good hair and make-up days. Again, that feeling of warm and good from within was more than a little bit pervasive, so I felt a bit good this week. Time to strut!


Nothing crazy or remarkable… I’ve quite simply felt good, healthy, warm, and surprisingly whole. Just enjoying where I’m out without a lot of drama or fan fare. It’s been a lovely, lovely, lovely sunny week where I’ve been finally able to ditch my tights and bust out my open toed shoes without fear of freezing. I thrive in sunny weather. Rainy dreary weather kills me. Sun makes everything better, or enhances it at least. I like it when Jolanda gets obvious on me. With that deck, it feels like I am in on the joke. “The Sun card? During a week of sunny weather? Very funny, Jolanda. That’s not very esoteric of you.” To which the lady in question replies “Let’s eat some grapefruit! Hail Eris! Huzzah!”. Hmmmm… Gin and grape-fruit juice is my favorite refreshing summer cocktail…


This whole week, while not the most pleasant week, has been a week of proving my abilities at work. I’ve had ample opportunity to prove myself. Lot’s of projects this week that have taken me out of my comfort zone, and pushed me a bit more than usual. All of it remarkably good. There is a natural type of confidence that radiates from The Sun. It doesn’t come from anything external. Instead, it’s Light From Within. Again, hellllloooooo Lakshmi! Basically, while I had a lot to do, I feel good about the work I did. In my element.


The Family Freakshow was quite this week. Thankfully. Maybe that’s why I had such a good week. I love them but… they do make me crazy. Perhaps I am an Erisian in order to embrace the chaos that seems to be a part of my genetic make-up.


This was the only area where THE SUN(!!!) did not deliver. Perhaps I’m a bit out of balance. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. It’s been hard for me to write this week. I’m just not feeling it. This surprised me, as I always thought of the Sun as having a bit of a jubilantly creative aspect to it. For me, not so much. I’ve been a bit restless and uninspired. Perhaps the price of feeling good is feeling complacently uninspired.

Who loves The Sun? Well… for the most part, I believe I do.

Card of the week for next week? Yes. Let’s do this again.

The Empress… Well… It’s go time! Let’s do this damn thing! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Who Loves The Sun?

  1. Well of *course* you gel with the Sun! What other card is more like you, honestly? And woo-woo to making it work this week!

    I think maybe creativity is somewhat outside the realms of the Sun’s… interest. It’s just too grounded in enjoying the moment to worry about pissing around with artistic drama blah blah blah. Who can waste away in a dark room when there’s sun! and grass! and birds! to enjoy?

    And I still love Jolanda. She will be mine someday. I think it’s the kind of deck that breezes into your life in its own good time.

  2. Just want to say what a big douche I am!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my douchiness!

    Thumbs up my asshole, and keep it going!


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