Yantra Can Cook, And So Can You?

Yantra Can Cook, And So Can You?

I now know that the Gods have a wicked sense of humor. Seriously.

I had an issue a few weeks back. I… sort of fell into a yantra. Don’t ask me how it happened. Well… I can tell you exactly how it happened. I was looking at a yantra possibly in an intoxicated state… Oh. Hell. I’ll admit it. It was preceded by an Herbal Intervention. Okay?

I had a neato-beato tile of the moon yantra, and it was semi-full mooney and I was all looking at it and it was all cool and spinny and tunnelly and…


♪♫ Well, I fell into a yantra / Woah oh oh / I can’t even recall my name / Woah oh oh / Times I never hardly sleep at night ♪♫

I must be in a Misfits mood or something.

I got sucked into this crazy patterny spinny tunnel thingy that relates to this other patterny thingy that I’ve been meaning to mention.

And I was all like “Whoa! Dude!”. It was pretty sweet. Floated around for a bit.

If I look at a yantra, my eyes often play tricks on me and it looks as if it’s moving. This time it really did move. Yantra means tool, or loom or instrument. Like weaving. Patterns. Strings. I’ve never fallen into one though.

So… a few minutes ago, I ran into this, which neatly ties all the stuff I’ve been prattling on about in a big old bow…

Cosmic Blueprints (It’s kind of long… but very interesting for anyone who likes superstring theory, yantras, cosmology, patterns, the collective unconscious and things that are awesome.)

YES! This is what I’ve been seeing that I can’t quite talk about because the words just don’t come. BAM! I just got hit up side the face with a brick. Just a yoga brick though. It was pretty subtle. I think the Divine Powers That Be All Divine and The Big WTF had a good laugh about it.

The Hierophant in me thinks that the idea of cosmic blue prints is pretty kickass. The Erisian in me is bored and wants to dance to Lady GaGa while eating blueberry pie.


As above, so blow me? Bwaahahaha…

Are you happy now? Yes. I know I am. I herbally intervened on my own behalf about an hour ago.

Don’t hate the playa’… hate… erm… The Man?


2 thoughts on “Yantra Can Cook, And So Can You?

    1. I think it was one of those cork ones… A nice satisfying “thunk” compared to foam, and slightly less damaging than wood. 😉

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