Let Your Weird Light Shine

Let Your Weird Light Shine

You know what this tarotista is feeling today? A need to get back to basics. I’ve had crazygood stuff in some areas, and struggles in others. That’s about as fun as a barrel of drunken sloths. Have you ever seen a drunk sloth? It’s kind of cute, but it’s mostly just sad. I worked at Sloth Rehab in college, so I know allllllllll about these things. I would have double majored in Sloth Studies and Erisian History, but I wisely decided that Advanced Methodologies in Trolling was a better concentration. HAIL ERIS! I feel the need… the need for… mead? I’m not a fan of mead, honestly. I’m leaving that for the sloths. Nothin’ on top but a bucket and a mop and an illustratred book about sloths…. Back to basics? What? Well… I mean… erm… I guess… HAIL ERIS! AGAIN! ONE MORE TIME! WITH FEELING… HAIL… ME? No. Or… yes. Let’s hail me too. I am awesome, and I am in need of hailing. HAIL… ME!!! Narcissism ain’t a river in Narcississia, yo.

Let’s just do a Quick n’ Dirty 3-Card Draw, and see what happens… Shall we? Hooray for you! Hooray for me! Hooray for purple pumpernickel trees! Our Lady of Chaos, let your weird light shine!


7 of Wands

Grrrrrrrrrr… I am primed for battle today. Not defensive, but valliant! Full of piss, vinegar, and a spoonful of sugar! HOOOOAAAAH! I’ve been doing a lot of magickal workings around some Issues I have. Hittin’ it with a fierceness. I’m feeling rather vindicated today… Getting’ paid, getting’ paid! Cash money! I don’t know what that means, but… I suppose The Work is paying off. I am proceeding with the courage to break some bad habits and patterns, and the cojones to make the journey without falling back on them. Mentally, I feel the clarity you can only feel after a sheer bolt of intentionally wielded will. Intentions? I has them! Give me a sword! I have crap to cut through!


9 of Wands

This is a little tougher. I didn’t sleep well last night. My arse is laggin’ and draggin’. I’m in a bit more pain today than I’d like to be, although it isn’t interfering too badly. I feel as if I must push myself to get moving, to get going, to go forward. It’s a struggle, but my mind has overridden my body’s programming and is pushing it. Both with diet, and with my pain threshold. It’s kind of weird… Normally, I would expect my body in this state to drag down the rest of the show. It’s not today. It’s not an easy day, but I am accessing reserves I wasn’t aware that I had. I’m sore from working out yesterday, but I’m tuning it out and refuse to give it a rest today. KEEP ON, KEEPIN’ ON! It’s nice to know that for all my posturing and big ideas, I can conquer the small daily battles on days like these.


3 of Wands

Wowie-wow-wow… We’re still on a roll here. It’s coming together, in bright blasts and bolts. I got a HUGE kick to the head yesterday. I figured out the answer to something that has plagued me for a long time. It means more work for me, of course. It’s not something I can deal with now. I feel like I’ve worked to a certain point, and now I stand on the precipice looking down. While I am not ready to jump in the water yet, I am close. I am mentally prepared. I’ve worked for it. Things are beginning to take a shape. It sounds odd, but for an eclectic… the shape-taking is the reason we continue to build upon what I learn and discover. Culmination. Lot’s of snaps, crackles, and pops. It’s almost too much in a way. The last month has been an EPIC WIN as far spiritual junk goes. I am almost ready, I can see the way. I just have yet to make the leap. Yet, I won’t be doing it alone. This much I know. Some of this is vague, but… honestly… if things always stayed the same… I’d get bored.

What the hell? Hail Eris Kallisti Discord! Why don’t we also throw in a…

The Moon
Hmmmm… I think my tarot-tap’s gone dry. I’ve got nothin’. The Moon… Moony-Moony-Moon. Nope. Something tells me to go balls-out literal here. Maybe some of my Full Moon stuff will be coming into play? It’s all related, more or less. Argh… My brain has a dead. Maybe I’m just not supposed to know the answer. WILD CARD!


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