Tarotherapy, Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Tarotherapy, Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Strangely enough…This is a tarot blog. Primarily… aside from my Awesome Erisian Fuckery…

Are you down with the AEF? I kick ass with my right foot, and take names with my left!

I haven’t posted Quick n’ Dirty Daily Draw in a while… Perhaps I’ve transcended beyond the Quick n’ Dirty, and want to class up the joint a bit. Posh & Classy Weekly Draw? Naw… I’m not feelin’ it today. You know what I am feeling?

Hungry. I am godsdamn hungry. Hungry for knowledge? No. Hungry for snacks.

I am going to do some reads on a long term issue of mine. It will take more than one.

I need to do some shrinking in the ass department. Literally. My love-hate-push-pull-imploding-exploding battle with my weight is the one area of my life that is impermeable to even the most focused and willfully executed magickal workings. In a word… I’ve made great strides with metaphysical fuckery, but have been a ginormous FAIL in Diet-Landia. I don’t know why. I think the walls are built too high for my fiery and furious blasts of will. Perhaps a slow burn would do a better job. I can’t seem to conquer this with the usual means. I’d like to, but it’s not happening. It is the single greatest source of frustration in my usually auspicious existence. Well… aside from that whole chronic pain yuckiness. I am going to read on this situation. I’m not sure if I am doing the right thing, but I’d like some guidance from The Divine Kids in the Hall. They usually hold out on me. No snapping, crackling, or popping with the answers. Not looking for a quick fix, but definitely want to know if my short term plans are going to help me win the battle. Not concerned with the war… I pick and choose my battles. 20lbs is a battle that I can win for now. I am going to crawl off my soapbox, because it’s really easy for me to get defensive here.

Tarot as Therapy is a really wonderful tool to promote healing of all kinds. I’d like to make a real and lasting attempt to work through this. Will probably do a couple of readings on this. Thought I’d preface. I don’t usually like to do these kinds of posts, but I’d like to see the process through. How can I use tarot as a tool to get me past this issue? I feel Ace of Wands that it can. That there is potential here. I feel Ace of Cups over the idea of failing yet again. I am Ace of Pents that it is worth it to try. I am ACE OF SWORDS BECAUSE MY BLOODSUGAR IS GETTING ALL CRAZY AND I AM SO HUNGRY I COULD CRY AND… Enough, Miss E. Blathering will get you nowhere.

Blah… blah… blah… Let’s get to the tarot, mkay? This may take a few tries to work through. It’s a biggity-bad issue for me. I can’t lose weight low and slow, but I can tarot low and slow. How low can you go? Watch me, bitches. Watch me.

I’d bite your head off for a ham sammich at this point, and I don’t partake of the Flesh of Swine. Recreational Vegetarian, y’all…

TIME FOR THE BIG GUNS! Not the Big’uns. Different battle althogether. I can lose and gain all I like, and my bewbs stay the same size. I think they have their own gravitational field.


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