O’ Frabjous Tarot Day! Callooh! Callay!

O’ Frabjous Tarot Day! Callooh! Callay!

Today, I did something a little different than usual. We got my mom, sister, niece, and aunt together and did a Tarot Day. We met up at my aunt’s house, and I brought a bunch of cool decks for everyone to look at, and took turns doing readings for people. Later on, we did a little bit of stuff with everyone’s personality card, etc. We kept it loose, and I probably could have gone with a more formal format (Hooray for charts!).

All in all, it was a fairly nice day.

I am exhausted. Back-to-back-to-back readings for that many different people is a challenge, but I was pretty good until the end. My mom just got a Verizon Droid, and the damn thing kept adding its two-cents worth at random intervals for no apparent reason. “DROID. DROID. DROID. DROID.” Most annoying phone ever. It will just robotically chime in with it’s own name, whenever and wherever it feels like. This does not add to the Tarot Day experience. DROID. DROID. DROID. DROID.

Good questions. Good readings. I abandoned my assortment of decks about half way through and just read with my pocket Universal Waite. It seems to serve me best with public readings. I got fairly accurate results using the Spiral for pets. Okay, perhaps I should rephrase… I read with the Spiral on my mom’s and aunt’s dogs. For a cat? Dude… Seriously. White Cats all the way! Not that I’d ever read for my cat and admit to it. I may be an Erisian with a Pinch of Witchy Goodness, but doing a reading for a feline is where I draw the line! Results wise, the only time the querent’s answers didn’t Snap-Crackle-Pop with some Shakin’ Like Bacon was with my aunt.

Querents… I beseech you. Be direct about the question you’re asking. Don’t say “Should I take a trip by myself?” when what you really mean is “Should I take this trip by myself I’ve been planning because I’m thinking about the future of the relationship I hav with my SO and I am using it as time to think things through and see if I should keep doing this?”. A good reader will know if there is more to it than that. Please don’t be surprised if we ask you. “Huh… this doesn’t fit. What aren’t you telling me? What is the purpose of this trip”? That kind of thing often floors me. I most often get stuck on reading for others when I can tell that there is a block. I’m not being told all I need to know to get an accurate snapshot of where things are headed. Give me the Polaroid version of what’s surrounding the issue. I don’t need an in-depth dossier. Just a little glimpse is fine. I will see that there is stuff you’re not telling me, so save us both the time and frustration.

I am less effective of a reader when people are trying to play games. I hate reading for people that see it as some kind of a “challenge” to see what I can see without them telling me. I don’t believe that was happening here, but I’ve run into that before. Generally with skeptics. My energy levels are a bit finicky. I really don’t read well when people are closey-offy. If you want my help… Be genuine, be thoughtful, be as open to the process as you can be. If you can’t do those things, I don’t have the energy to help you.

Still… I am thoroughly done. Stick a fork in me? GO FORK YOURSELF!

I’m very drained. I can really only read for a couple of hours. I had them take turns. I’d hit one question. Then another persons. Then another. Round robin style. It seemed to work well. I bought my niece a copy of the Magical Forest and the Mini White Cats, but she seemed mostly enamored of my Hello Kitty deck and my Kaleidoscope Tarot. I read for her too… The kid is pretty fun to read for. We pull the same stuff every time.

I am on the edge of exhaustion where my mind feels like it could easily slip into a nap-coma. I feel floaty, like my head is still stuck in psychic space, but the rest of me is running on reserves. I just want to put on some Tibetan singing bowl music, smoke a Tibetan singing bowl, curl up, and take a sweet nap. But… I am not going to play with bowls this weekend, Tibetan or otherwise. I am mentally drained, but not physically. Physically, I feel very relaxed. Tibet? Keep your bowls! I need them not!

Today was a good way to push myself. I’m certainly not ready to read at a public fair or in a bigger setting. Three or four people is my limit for know. One thing I learned? I am much better with romantic relationship questions than I thought. I never read on my marriage. I read Uncle Auntie Christ like a book. The cards tell me nothing. Besides, he is a tricky bastard who seems to cloak himself to psychic radar (seriously… will hafta post on that). I am consistent ace career/money questions. The mundane stuff? In. The. Bag.

Are you down with Q of P? Yeah. You know me… or the non-wandy part of me, anyways.

Still… I know my limits in reading for others. Highly emotionally charged questions or healing isn’t easy for me. It’s not easy for myself. Still, it’s nice to see where I do my best work, and what I need to work on. It’s different when you read for yourself. Trying what works in a group setting is a big challenge for me, and I am glad to see I am overcoming what I once found as impossible.

I didn’t remind my mom when she said “Eris started collecting decks in High School… Didn’t you, Eris?”

Apparently she doesn’t remember the knock-down drag out we’d had when I asked to get one, and she thought they were smothered in Satanic Semen Sauce or something. Ewwwwwww…

It’s better not to dwell on these things, and just flip the cards to reassure the maternal unit that she might want to make sure to go through with her beloved golden retreiver’s cancer surgery, because the little goggie will be fine.




6 thoughts on “O’ Frabjous Tarot Day! Callooh! Callay!


    Awesome 😐

    Satanic Semen Sauce is the opposite of Dipped in Cock, non? But you are very much DiC! Erm… WHat I mean is, hurray for readings! Interesting that Mr Chao has a cloaking device. I wonder if the Tarot Rules state that “once thou hast seen the junkke of another, thou mayest not prye withine themme”?

    1. It’s weird… I can read on Mr. Chao, but seriously… no one else can. Even when a certain astrologer friend did some charts, there was a whole lot of nothing. Weirrrrrrrrdddd… πŸ˜‰

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