Get Your Thoth On!

Get Your Thoth On!

The Thoth deck is back in print!

6 of WIN! 6 of WIN! 3 of CUPS! Ace of Swords! HUZZAH!

I mean, it never was completely out of print… not permanently. But to see my old pal on Amazon and ebay for upwards of $100-$999… Shit pickles! That’s just criminal! Thoth and I might banter a bit these days, and I would be remiss if I didn’t say I’ve been a bit harsh with him. Yes, all Thoth decks are male. And if they are female, they are very uber-butch, and will not take crap from anyone, especially mystically-inclined blonde Erisians.

Thoth is more than just a tarot deck. Thoth is a tarot dick, and rightfully so!

I’ve had a Thoth deck be a Tarot dickhead before. As ABOVE… SO… BELOW?

When I heard they were going out of print, I snapped up as many copies as I could. Thoth decks are crafty though, and can’t bear to be left in the box. “Knock it out of the box!” They shout. “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” the others respond. One got trimmed, one got Nyquil spilt on it, one got gifted… I’m all about sharin’ the Thothery.

I especially love my Big Trimmed Thoth deck. You’d think I’d whip that bad boy out and take it to town a little bit more often…

The innuendo… It’s so… innuendolicious! Cannot. Possibly. Resist. Temptation. Holy Devilsfood McHades Beelzebubbles!

Well, it’s all mag-icky. It takes a lot of Nag Champa to smudge that sonofabiscuit. I’m a firm believer in keeping the divination and the magick makin’ in my tarot armory/armoire separate.

I don’t really have a tarot armoire, but doesn’t it sound like a fabulous idea? I have a cabinet of witchy junk, but I don’t keep my decks in there. They like to breathe.

I could give you all kinds of reasons why I like the Thoth deck so much, but there are no simple answers. It’s not all about the art, Uncle Al, Sacred Geometry, or occulty goodness. Quite simply, it was the first deck that I really loved and connected with.

Good to see you back in action, Old Friend! You had me worried there.

And no. I will not take off my top. Or my skirt. “As above, so below.” Remember?


2 thoughts on “Get Your Thoth On!

  1. I have 2 copies and want to get a 3rd so I can trim the big a$$ Belgian one. It makes me want to get rid of the other decks. What kind of deck can do that?!
    Seriously better than a vibrator. What, TMI?

    1. I’ve got one of those big beefy Belgian boys…

      Trims up like a dream!

      Hit it, but don’t ever dare quit it! 😉

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