Okay, so… I’ve been playing with some tarot-related art. Going with what comes. Embracing the process. NO EXPECTATIONS. Just havin’ fun with it, and kickin’ it with ma homies… So… thus far, the results. I do need to edit a bit, and clean things up but I am not dwelling on that at this point. I had a lot of fun with this, and ended up knocking out some stuff pretty quickly. The style that has developed so far has taken me by surprise. I didn’t expect to use some Victorian touches at all. And angels? There are angels! Why? I have no idea. Perhaps I’m possessed? It was all intuitive. No planning really. Not much focus on symbolism or trying to do things “right”. It’s more about how right it feels, not how right it is in a technical or symbolic sense.  Just for fun, nothing more. Working title? Oh yeah. Just came up with one of those… I now present to you, my little project…


⊰ The High Priestess ⊱ from Tarot Glossolalia! by Eris Hilton © 2010

I kind of like her. I keep thinking… Is she the moon? Is she the HP? Nope. She’s the HP.

⊰ Temperance ⊱ from Tarot Glossolalia! by Eris Hilton © 2010

Not really pleased with Temperance. She’s just too busy. I had fun making her, but there is almost too much going on, like a house of cards that’s so precariously balanced that it could topple at any minute. Perhaps that’s the point?

⊰ The Multiverse a.k.a. The World ⊱ from Tarot Glossolalia! by Eris Hilton © 2010

This feels a bit Thothy to me… More so than the others. Not sure why.

⊰ The Lovers ⊱ from Tarot Glossolalia! by Eris Hilton © 2010

This is my favorite… Why? COLOR, beetches!

⊰ Absolution/Judgment ⊱ from Tarot Glossolalia! by Eris Hilton © 2010

This one looked better in photoshop… still… I’m into the color palette.

So… that’s what we have thus far. I used source material that was royalty-free, and made sure they were high enough DPI to print in case I want to mock-up a deck. Will probably do the majors and courts to start, but might stick with Marseilles style pips to make it easier. We shall see where it goes? It’s been kind of fun, really.


5 thoughts on “TAROT GLOSSOLALIA!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I could forsee doing a small print run of them at some point in the future, if I like how they turn out. So far, so good… ^_^

  1. OMGosh I luuuuurve the colours in the HP, especially the pink-oranges and greens at the bottom! And against the blue it’s just too much loveliness by far. Temperance looks like she’s conducting an orchestra, which I’m totally digging. You’re right though, there’s a bit too much muchness going on. The crowd cheering in Absolution is such a cool idea!

    The whole thing is cool! You’re the queen of layering 😀 And such a cheeky name 😉 I’m picturing you sitting in a room, blazed out of your mind, dictating the images to your tarot design monkey as they stream into your head from above tee hee hee…

    I need to catch up.

    1. Good… I’m glad my tangent is sort of working. I’ll keep at it then, yes?

      Believe it or not… the only substances involved were a couple of nice pints of porter. Seriously. Design monkeys are beer powered!

  2. Hey there Ersihhilton- Came across your blog through the Tarot School link, you so rock! Not only an awesome writer, hysterically funny, but a frickin artist too! Count me in for one these decks, beautiful, jeez you have alot of talent!

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