Full Moon Fever: The Scary-Go-Round!

Full Moon Fever: The Scary-Go-Round!

Sure, it’s time for my usual Full Moon Fuckery. Release some things that I don’t need, give a shout out to a few lunar lady deities, give a few offerings, recharge the ol’ psychic battery, etc. I noticed in this month’s reading that there was a strong correlation to last months, as if it’s part of some big cycle I still haven’t completed. It’s a HAMSTER WHEEL of FUN! I revisted the previous month’s reading along with doing my current one, just to see if I can catch the pattern. I’m not there yet, but I’ve got to get off this Scary-Go-Round sooner or later, right? Some big stuff have come out of both months, so I think it’s relevant…


1. My spiritual progress as it existed last month: Temperance Balance. Calm. Receptivity. Yeah… that was nice while it lasted. We went from smooth sailing, a la yacht rock to ZOMG! TEH MULTIVERSES! to SUPER SEXAY ENNUI EXPLOSION! When I get my Erisian knickers on, I really go to town! Funkytown, apparently.

2. How things evolved within the past four weeks: Judgement (“Realization”) The Big WTF May Come For Tea. Holy ever loving monkey fuckers, did it ever! Still can’t discuss it. It’s not making much sense, but is more or less it without the wordiness. This is close to what I saw… Not exactly, but close.

3. Some one or something that effected it: 6 of Fire / 3 of Earth Maybe I’ll be the one reaping the rewards, with a shout out to the little people or little things that made it possible. I’m thinking this is work related. I got some recognition for my mad skillz, and I got a new team to play lackey for. Spiritually, it threw everything  off. I went from PROFOUND to NO FOUND with the flick of a Streamline stapler.

4. Outcome reached by this Full Moon: Strength I can do eet!  Rawr… Consider the skills earned, the lessons learned, and let’s raise our teacups to that, eh? Yes, well… this month has required quite a bit of that. Things were just a little tough all over, but I made it through. Awesome highs and crushing lows, but Madame Strength does what she does.


1. My spiritual progress as it exists now: 9 of Swords / Ace of Wands
This is actually kind of funny, in retrospect. I’d gone outside to do my usual Full Moon thing, and it was fairly late. I like to go outside if at all possible, and it’s fairly easy to do that on two acres with a lot of trees and not have anyone bother you. None of that stereo-typically Dancing-Round-The-Full-Moon-Pagans-WHEEE stuff for me. It’s more about looking, and listening. Still… I really don’t like to be bothered, and I seldom am except by a deer. Last night, the worst happened. I wasn’t even out there for ten minutes when…. SKUNK!!!!!!! NIGHTMARE! 9 of SWORDS??!?! You betcher’ Great Aunt Franny’s freckled fanny! El Skunko wasn’t that far away from me, but I had time to run like HELL. I had to move the festivities indoors, which doesn’t work for me. But… I definitely Aced it with some Wands. I had to get creative, and move some stuff around in my living room and it actually went fairly well. Sometimes it seems bad, but if you build a little fire it could make all the difference.

2. How things will evolve in the next four weeks: The Universe / 2 of Wands
This looks promising… I’m not *there* yet, but I am moving in the right direction. I’m using the World Spirit deck, and one of the things I love about its 2 of Wands is the sense of moving forward, but it’s of a more independent and solitary nature. It implies a mastery of what is behind, and a readiness and certain amount of skill to be prepared for what lies ahead. You’re good in one world, so you’re ready for the next. I’ve had a lot of Stuff going on lately. Nothing like the Big WTF Tea Party, but still interesting. Still mulling it all over, of course. I’m seeing the Universe as perhaps some sense being made or some type of natural conclusion to all this crap floating around on the periphery. The overall narrative that I keep picking up is confusing to me. Science, spirit, and cosmology keep overlapping in ways I can only grasp fragmentary pieces of, and the gods are little help. We had Judgment in this spot last month, so it’s quite apt that the Universe appears here this month.  We’re working towards things, soon to be revealed, soon to make some sense. It just means more philosophuckery, but that’s cool with me.

3. Some one or something that will effect it: 6 of Wands / The Devil
It’s the 6 of Win! Again! Same place as last month! Success is imminant, but I do need to be wary of the restraints of the Material World. It’s easy for me to be dragged into all that, bogged down by the MunDanish. The Devil for me usually represents my vices. While they aren’t that damaging, they still have a tendency to be distracting. That definitely has quite the effect on the overall Hello Gods! It’s Me, Eris! 6 of Win… Triumphing over the distractingly devilish vices? I can. I will. It’s on!

4. Outcome to be reached by the next Full Moon:
The Chariot / 3 of Cups
Something is going to come up unexpectedly, and quickly. BAM! But it involves some fun and other people… maybe even some drinking? No, maybe not drinking. I wonder if there is a class coming up that I don’t know about yet, or some type of gathering? Not sure… but… whatever it is, it’s gonna help.  Also… my aunt and my mom want to have a “tarot day”. I might bring down a few cool decks for them to check out, and I’ll read a little bit and maybe share a few charts/work-arounds. We were planning to do that in March sometime so… Like minds gathered, with some social interaction involved. An enjoyable experience, and I’d say with El Chariot it’s going to be rather last minute.


2 thoughts on “Full Moon Fever: The Scary-Go-Round!

  1. No mushrooms for me… apparently, I don’t really seem to need them. (Not sure if that’s good or bad)

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