4 of… Meh

4 of… Meh

4 uv Kupz frum Lolcat Terrow

Even though I am certifiably awesome, and above such antics… even I fall prey to the lameness of facebook memes and myspace quizzes. I can’t help it… I am a Material Girl, and like it or not, this is one damn Material World. There is no reason they have to be completely lame. It’s just that lame people come up with them, and find them remarkably clever. So… I took one lame one, and I am throwing a little bit of tarot-goodness on top. Why? Because I can!

And… I’ll tag whoever is feeling as 4 of Cups as I am right now.

Pick your Deck: Let’s go with… hmmm… Jolanda!
Are you a male or female? I am The Empress of the World with Star Pasties.
Describe yourself: High Priestess. Strength. Queen of Wands. Queen of Pents. Temperance. Hierophant. The Star.
How do you feel: Right now? 4 of Cups. 10 of Wands. 8 of Cups. 4 of Swords.
Describe where you currently live: 4 of Pents in preparation for buying a dwelling 10 of Pents.
If you could go anywhere where would you go? 3 of Cups… I need a girls night out with lots of shots, frivolity, and drunken stumbling. (SILENCE, Peanut Gallery!)
Your favorite form of transportation: The Chariot… Yawn… or the Fool.
Your best friend is: The Empress, with a bit of Knight of Cups and Queen of Wands tossed in. There is a bit of Knight of Swords there too. MORE PENTACLES REQUIRED, although I love her anyway.
What’s the weather like: The Sun… It was 68 degrees today, and GORGEOUS. I am totally 9 of Cups’in the springy-summery dresses I’m seeing at Le Tar-Jay.
If your life was a TV show, it would be called: WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE!!!!!
What is life to you: The Fool skipping down the path towards The World, and all that lies between.
Your fear: THE TOWER… I have a hate-on for that monkey spelunker. He’s bad news.
What is the best advice you have to give: A little Temperance pairs nicely with the Ace of Cups, but a little Tower is a whole hell of a lot more enjoyable. Watch out for Magicians though. They’ll only break your 3 of Swords.
Thought for the Day: Judgement= Absolution. The High Priestess= The Unknown. The Hierophant= Knowledge. The Magician= Skill. The Empress= Creation. The Emperor= Structure. The Hermit Equals= A guy who lives in a cave, most likely hasn’t taken a bath for a while, and smells like goats.
How I would like to die: 10 of Pents… I’d rather leave on good terms, after a long and happy life with my loved ones, with my affairs settled.
My soul’s present condition: We’re jumping in between the Star, the Moon, and the Sun. It’s a cycle. I go with it because I don’t have any other choice, and Jesus and I have agreed to disagree.
My motto: Ace of Wands… PENIS!!!!!!

I am having a rough time concentrating on reading this week, but I find I often do during the waxing moon. Can’t do it. So… I’ll do what I can do! THIS!


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