You Make a Better Door Than A Window Spread

You Make a Better Door Than A Window Spread

Temperance from the Illuminated Tarot by Carol Herzer

I think it’s time to get my Pentacle Party Pants on… Awwwwwwww-yeah, son! Awwww-yeah! I haven’t done basic “Hi! Hello! Turn Your Head & Cough. What Brings You Here Today?” sort of read in a while. MunDanish? Of course. Do we love it? Of course we love it, at Casa de Chaos. Why? Because we’re earthier than a hippie covered in a bucket of mud. I gotta get my MunDanish on, and see what LeTarot has to say about my general overalls. Not that I’d wear overalls… I did that in the 90’s. There is no conceivable way I’d do it again.

That’s McMunDanish to you, son…

I’m going with the Window Spread from Power Tarot. It’s a nice, quick, to the point general spread. I’ve used it before, and it’s a good gauge of where things are at in a general sense. For my deck, I’m in the mood for the Illuminated. In all honesty, the Illuminated does best by me when it’s all about ME. It’s good for other more material matters also, but it seems to give me the best results when peering into my inner landscape, and it’s squishy emotional innards. The glitter on my Illuminated has some seriously raindrops-on-roses-whiskers-on-kittens-action happening today. And it totally was spot-on… The Illuminated usually is. It’s always kind, but to the point. Gently so, but not skipping a beat.

1. Current Physical State
10 of Swords
Things are a little bit gnar, here at Casa de Chaos. I’m in a lot of pain today, partially my own fault. My little niece  got a pair of Heelys (those shoes with the wheels in the heels) at the mall yesterday, and Eris the Auntie Christ spent the better part of an hour catching her every time she was heading for a faceplant into a wannabe tween scenester in skinnies and uggs. There are a lot of those in the malls these days. My sister was in the Buckle trying on jeans for well over an hour, while the kid and I hung out. I killed my Scapula of Doom, and slipped a couple of ribs. I feel like ass today. I’ve been whiny, but I’m in a good bit of pain. Soooooooooo 10 of Swords. But it will work itself out, and I see no reason why I won’t feel better tomorrow. Hopefully. The swords groan, whine, roll and loll about.

2. Current Mental State

9 of Cups
I’m feeling satiated, really. I was having some anxiety over absolutely nothing earlier (which is quite rare for me), but I worked it out, through, over, and under. Mentally, I feel at a rather good point today. Not much is on my mind, nor needs to be. I’ve not felt especially well physically, but have had day that’s focused on simple pleasures rather than cerebral ones. I didn’t do any reading today, no magicks, no thinking of any kind of any importance. Instead, I enjoyed some herbs, ate some In-N-Out burger, took a drive, read my favorite news paper the Sexy Times, and went to Le Tar-Jay. Intellectual pursuits? Meh. Pleasurable pursuits? That’s the ticket. 9 of Cups guy and I are on the same page. It’s not about thinking or doing today, simply enjoying. And I feel pretty full, and it’s most assuredly good.

3. Current Emotional State
No surprise to see this here! I’m surfing a wave of… temperance. I can’t delve too deeply into this one, as it’s another one of my Super Tarot All Star cards. I’m not too emotional, not feeling too little nor feeling too much. Contentment and satiety. Chillin’ like a villain.  I’ve come down since my little freak out this morning. I was in such an awful mood, for no reason at all. Completely worried about nothing and everything. I thought to myself… “Wow, this is completely stupid. Remind us again why we’re doing this?”. Reeled it in, and things turned out fine. I turned Temperance on myself, and tipped the balance back in my favor. I love this image from the Illuminated… It reminds me of after a rainstorm. Which was my morning in the most figurative and literal sense possible.

4. Current Spiritual State
6 of WIN
Things… are… AWESOME. Well, just overall good. Still pretty happy with last weekends Crazy Shamanic Adventure. I can’t recreate something like that. I’ve turned a corner, and while I didn’t do much today, I’m still feeling it. I am perpetually nodding in agreement with the Universe. It was a beautiful day today, and I had that whole being in awe of nature thing happening while out on a drive. (No, I wasn’t driving. What fun would that be?) Totally 6 of Win. Walkin’ on Sunshine… Don’t it Feel Good… Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

A relaxing day of WIN, Balance, contentment, despite some physical challenges. Just what Dr. Pepper ordered.


3 thoughts on “You Make a Better Door Than A Window Spread

  1. If you get 6 of WIN one more time… srsly, girl, you need to write a happy little tarot tune!

    I _thought_ you had an Illuminated… I’ve been reading the Illuminated thread on AT and feeling seriously enabled. I never knew what all the fuss was about, but then I read Carol’s explanation of the process and the double painting and glitter and black-washing and and and!!! One day.

    I look forward to seeing more glittery reads!

    1. Honestly, you really cannot do them justice by looking at them online. Online, they’re pretty, but not exciting. In person, I can’t quite describe the way the light hits the irredescents and glitter (she used just a tiny bit of very fine on mine) is amazing. It brings new dimensions to the cards, esp. depending on the lighting and angle. I love that for mine, she really played up the warmer tones (I don’t do blue… GOLD AND RED AND ORANGE ZOMG!). I’ve seen another where the purples and blues were played up. It’s definitely one to put on your list.She’ll also send you a sample card if you’re interested to see how it looks.

      1. ShaddupShaddupShaddup! ;D I’d want ALL the colours highlighted. Of course. Though not green, I think… sunset colours mmmmm…

        I’m finding the Thoth to be SO MUCH MORE than the scans ever show! It’s quite, quite lovely and there’s definite depth in the images that gets lost in the scans. Hoorays for you!

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