The Two of Pents, Sitting on a Fence?

The Two of Pents, Sitting on a Fence?

Of course this would be occurring on an afternoon that I will happen to be in Oakland…

I don’t get to the Bay Area too often, but my husband and I are going to see the Magnetic Fields at the Fox Theater that very night! We’re planning to stay at a cute little boutique hotel down on the waterfront near Jack London Square, and had planned to maybe do a little bit of shopping while we were down there or go to the Farmer’s Market or something the next day. It’s a nice little area…

Of course the Tarot Social is NO BOYS ALLOWED. It’s a big ol’ Women’s Empowerment Dianic Clubhouse.

I’m not about to make the poor guy wait in the car for three hours. He leans enough towards the metaphysical and creative worlds to have some interest in Tarot, even if it’s mainly for the art. He’s comfortable with it to a degree, and is very cool with all of my hijinks. He takes my interest in it seriously, which I am grateful for. He probably wouldn’t be really into it, but would probably sit on the sidelines. I can’t think of anything else for him to do for three hours. I can’t leave the poor guy in the city by himself. He’s a bit urbantarded. Big, bustling, busy cities make him incredibly nervous. The Bay Bridge gives me the wiggins, but I’m usually cool once we’re actually in the city.

I find it ironic that it’s on the one rare day that I will be in the neighborhood, will have the time, but will not be able to go. I’m not too keen on the Dianic Path for myself, at all. Why? Because I happen to adore penises. Penises are important. I also happen to like dick jokes, which doesn’t go over big with Princess Diana and her Five Sisters. Can you say unfortunate synchornicity? It’s cool that things have all of the sudden begun to open up for me. It’s a gift, but I have a choice to take it. It’s not the right time.

It sounds interesting… I’d at least check it out. There is another Tarot Social coming up this summer in Carson City, NV, which isn’t really too far away either. It’s about the same as Oakland, with the exception being that I know the area a lot better. Think Reno 911. That might be even better… I’d have a two hour drive to think it over. It might be a little bit Goddess-y for my tastes, but I’ve been struggling to overcome my fear of public circles. I just can’t do public circles. I’ve got to get past it, and I am comfortable enough to try if it has a tarot connotation rather than a Wicca-Wicckity-Wack connection.

Nothing against my Wicce-Wacky friends throwin’ it down for the Lord and the Lady, of course. I don’t have Lords or Ladies. Just weavers, with Eris coming around to shake the dust off the rugs every now and again.

Still… I’ve been given a Two of Pents choice here. Over the weekend, I did get a particularly nice reading from my favorite Non-Mary Greer local professional Tarotista. I try to do this a couple of times a year. I consider it like getting an oil change. We’ll call her Mighty Aprhodite. I like her quite a bit better than many of the locals, who are generally waaaaaaaaaaay too New Agey for my tastes. MA is pretty fab, and is an incredibly good reader. I took her Intro to Tarot class a few years back, and I have to admit that it made a difference for me. She confirmed a lot of things that I’d caught in some of my readings at home, most of which have been on point. All good stuff. Apparently, she’s running an Intro to Tarot class right now, and told me that next week they are going to start Majors and Courts. She’s inviting back the "alumni" from previous classes to join the next few sessions, if they’d like a refresher course or just want a bit more practice in a workshop setting… free of charge. I thought that was pretty decent. The class was great, but I could use a bit of help with Courts, as they are The Devil. Some of the people from my class are going, and it would be nice to catch up. This would be waaaaaaaay better than the Tarot Social, at least for right now. I don’t think I’ve got room in my brain for both.

Not a bad way to begin the new year, eh? My choice is made.


2 thoughts on “The Two of Pents, Sitting on a Fence?

  1. Hmmmm, Dianics. I had the… pleasure of attending a Dianic-type dance workshop (I did not know!) Most. Awkward. 4 hours. EVAH. Suuuuuure, they welcome men, as long as they leave their penises at the door. Much rather the Pentacle that involves less group hugs and such.

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