Judgement Lest Ye Be Judgementeded!

Judgement Lest Ye Be Judgementeded!

As for Full Moon Fuckery…

About that whole Judgement card coming up?

Message received, most loud and resoundingly clear. I can’t go into it right now, but I picked up on some crazy stuff today. Seriously. Not scary, but interesting and promising, possibly more profound than I’m used to getting on a Sunday afternoon.

I’m thankful for it.

I’ve come to understand the High Priestess in a new way, especially with my own path. I am receptive to that which floats my way, I even look for it… but I do not take action. I don’t really need to. I am all about action in most parts of my life, but spiritually the mountain has to come to Mohamed. The HP doesn’t wait persay, but she let’s the mysteries come to her. It’s an almost aggressive kind of non-action. She has more energy and more room to be receptive to it, to gather it all in, if she let’s it come to her instead of looking for it. She is a cab with Off Duty sign on. She’s around, and when she feels like letting you find her, she’ll switch the light back on. But if she’s on break… forget it. She doesn’t go looking for fares. She let’s them find her. I seem to react much the same way. I don’t petition the gods… unless they’ve made the first move. It’s better that way, since that’s just the way the water likes it. I need that water. I don’t have much so I’ll take what I can get. Perhaps that’s why it’s so important.

Holy canoli… I got stuff with patterns, weavers, string-theory, monism and consciousness-related stuff. I’ll be mulling this over for quite a while. I can’t do anything useful with it now, but that. Receptivity leads to reciprocity… Mindful passivity has some advantages.

So I am humbled, and grateful. Haven’t had a Big WTF… OH! I TOTALLY GET IT NOW! Duh! moment for a few months, so I was due. I blame it on the Full Moon, the nice weather, and the fact that I had In-N-Out for dinner. That last part is important because it was delicious. Hail Eris, Full of Cheese… Snowboarders Like to Pimp their Steez! All Hail Disfnordia!

I can work with this. Yes. I think I can. It changes nothing really, but it’s still helpful.

I also had a reading with a local professional yesterday, and it was a rather nice one. I’ll write on that tomorrow. Nothing earth shattering, but certainly relevant to discussion and stuff and things and stuff.


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