Full Frontal Full Moon Fever Spread

Full Frontal Full Moon Fever Spread

I skipped out on this bad boy last month, and I regret it. It’s a practice that I’m actually keeping up with to a degree, and it’s a nice sign post of my progress. I’ve come to take my Full Moon Retardy Party quite seriously… I’m all about big displays of infectious enthusiasm that fizzles out all too quickly. Having a routine practice is actually good for me. My Hierophanty pants can sleep soundly, but there is enough room for interpretation to keep Our Lady of Divine Disorder happy. I’m feeling incredibly grounded this month, despite some of the crazy going on in my life. I feel a sense of peace and calm coming from the Divine Frontiers. If that’s what they’re giving, I will take it. We’ve a had a departure into laziness, and now we’re slowly and quietly getting back to business.

I decided to use the Tarot of the Four Elements… It’s the first time I’ve read with it, and while it doesn’t shuffle worth a crap (it doesn’t take on a life of it’s own and fly out of my fingers like my dear Jolanda)… It’s got a lot of personality and a naive kind of charm. Colorwise, it’s the most perfect ME deck I’ve ever found. It’s even better for me than Sakki-Sakki, which is awesome. I’ve been feeling elementy, so I thought it seemed like a worthy choice. It makes me feel cheerfully grounded for some reason. I’ve been rather Q of Pents lately, so this isn’t a total shocker.  So… let’s see how this next month will shape up in the Divine Realm of Magickal Realism, Optimysticism, Golden Apple Pie,Spiritual Philosophuckery, and Tarot Fun with Knives…

All of these cards are amongst my Frequently Drawn Cards All-Stars… This looks interesting, and a bit more “action” than I’ve been getting lately. Of course, it makes sense. I am an earthy girl. I hibernate in winter, and get godsdamn fidgety during spring. HUZZAH!

1. My spiritual progress as it exists now: Temperance

It’s been quiet lately, but not bad quiet. Calm but steady is a more apt descriptor. I feel fairly balanced, careful, steady without being overly cautious. Nothing big has happened, but I feel like I am Smooth Sailing mode, a la Yaht Rock. The seas are calm, but progress is being made. I’m not really fighting things, or actively seeking things. I wouldn’t have been shocked to see the Hanged Man here, but Temperance works too. Right now, I am receptive, but have my feet planted firmly on the ground. It’s a place I am comfortable with. Extremes don’t work for me, in regards to spirituality. While I love that “Omg! Look at this! Look at THAT! HOLY JEBUS, WTF!” phase, where things are popping up fantastically fast and furious. It’s an ebb and flow, and the pattern is pretty familiar to me by this point. November was ebb… December we built a dam… now things are flowing, albeit slow. Temperance? Totally. Balance. Calm. Receptivity.

2. How things will evolve in the next four weeks: Judgement (“Realization”)

Oh shit… Shit. Spoke too soon. What’s this about? Some new revelation? A cosmic truth? More craziness from certain gods who like to come on a little bit stronger than I can comfortably handle? Big lessons? New realizations?A snap-crackle-pop of Eris in all of her glory? She comes on STRONG for me in Spring. Always. Will Persephone start to wake-up? Unforseen potential for transformation? I don’t know, but I will say this… Judgement for me almost always involves some kind of assistance from a divine hand. Right now it’s like waiting for the punch line, or gearing up for the last leg of the race. Is there a pay off though? The Big WTF May Come For Tea.

3. Some one or something that will effect it: 6 of Fire / 3 of Earth

Awwwwwww-yeah! You bet your ass there is a pay off! 6 of WIN. 3 of Earth. Earth Fire Push Pull… Fuck. It annoys me. It’s been on my mind lately. The Fire will celebrate the rewards, but the Earth will make it happen. So, given my 6 of WIN propensity, this is only natural and right. It’s something to be embraced and celebrated with a bit of aplomb and showmanship. No problem! Or this type of activity might be involved in the process. But I won’t be doing it alone. There are aspects or persons in the material world who are involved, and will be working with me or beside me to that end. Is someone helping me plan this tea party, but I’ll be taking all of the credit? What? Maybe I’ll be the one reaping the rewards, with a shout out to the little people or little things that made it possible.

4. Outcome to be reached by the next Full Moon: Strength
I can do eet! Another repeat offender. Whatever it is, I can handle it and will benefit from it. It’s a good balance between the Fire/Earth Pushy-Pully. I see some correlation between the material world, and the spiritual world (a theme this month), but all of the potential in the world to smile and make it work for me. I gotta work it, it is work, but it will work for me. How pents! But… it can be done with a bit of a flourish and showmanship that only an Erisian Q of W can deliver. Balance, but I’m working for it, and damn if I’m not going to pimp it just a bit. You just haven’t earned it yet baby? Rawr… Consider the skills earned, the lessons learned, and let’s raise our teacups to that, eh?


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