At Sixes and Sevens with Sixes and Sevens?

At Sixes and Sevens with Sixes and Sevens?

"Strength" from the World Spirit Tarot

Alright… Let’s get back to tarot bidness, shall we? Tarot is serious bidness in my house, or at least on my couch where the Basket O’ Decks I Happen To Be Into Right Now resides. I’m still gunning for the practical.  Well… in the spirit of Pents, the Material, and keepin’ it real Earth-Style, I might as well read about finances. I’m thinking of doing some debt consolidation of the the sort that won’t hurt my credit, but will get some stuff paid off much quicker. Good idea to give a thought to… I’m not in too bad of trouble, but I think things could be better. Really.

I’m going to use the For or Against spread from the book Power Tarot… I haven’t used a spread from there for a while. My World Spirit deck seems to have recovered from it’s Merc in Retardgrade malaise, so… let’s get to… oh… fine… I’ll say it… WORK.

So… Should I consolidate to pay down my creditcard debt? I am going to try to keep this simple. I’m a sixes and sevens with this.

What You Have
Ace of Cups / 10 of Wands
I’m glad to see my girl is back in action… The WS is perfecto for these types of reads. Home, money, job, finance. It’s welcoming, honest, but never cruel. She’ll give you a cup of tea and a shoulder to cry on when she gives the bad news. 10 of Wands is more of an internal thing. While my situation is not really that bad, and I am not at all struggling I feel myself emotionally overwhelmed by the idea of debt that feels like it will never be paid off. It’s not as much as some people, and making payments isn’t a problem, but I never feel like it ever improves. It’s confining and suffocating. I am feeling it, although you’d never know it to look at my finances. I know this, because I’m living it. Well said, WS! But there is a great deal of opportunity and possibility opening up for me. It’s not all bad… there are unanticipated solutions. Yet it’s just as much a cure to some of the emotional stuff I’ve been struggling with as material. Perhaps it’s both. Yeah, I’m liking consolidation more, and more. It would take some of the burden of me.

What You Need To Know About What’s Coming Up

Seven of Wands / Strength
I have to take some responsibility here… It’s totally on me to conquer my fears about this, and move forward. No one can do it for me. I have to do it. It will not be easy, and I will have a fight ahead of me. With myself. Risk is worth the reward. I think that while I may have initial fears about it impacting my credit (I don’t believe it will, I am not so bad off to consider settlement), I shouldn’t let those fears impact my decision. I am empowered to do this, and I’ll need to be patient but firm. Set-backs may come up, but I hold the keys to the castle here. I can’t ignore things, I need to take action. Sensibly, not rashlt.

What You Want
Seven of Swords / Four of Wands
I don’t pull the 7 of Swords often, but looking at the image I feel it indicates a certain sense of navigating the waters alone. I take responsibility for my mistakes, and I want to fix them myself without help or interference from others. It’s part of my Leo pride. If I fuck up, I fix it. With this 7 of Swords, you see a hooded figure navigating through icy watersm gathering up the fallen swords leftover after a battle. It’s not been easy on me, but the pieces are mine to pick up. I want to do it. The Four of Wands seems to represent some sort of rite of passage, at least financially. A transition from stupid youthful mistakes that I still sometimes make. “Oh… but I WANT it, and it’s sooooo cute, and they have it in purple and red! I’ll… oh… I’ll charge it and pay extra next month”. Bullshit! That never happens! It’s almost like I see a bright and inviting future for myself if I can get a grip on this issue, and cross the threshold into Adult Financial Responsibility. I will be happier, and I will feel better to have less debt.

What Works for or Against You In the Future

Six of Cups / Six of Pents
Well… I really am at sixes and sevens. Literally. I see these both as working for me. Giving and receiving. Past efforts yielding future rewards. Opportunity. Sharing. Receptivity. Both of these cards are about something being given, albeit in a different kind of exchange. Something from way back when might come back to surprise me, and give me a little much needed boost perhaps? I don’t see this as being life altering, but I do see it as helping. Also, there is a meticulousness about the 6 of Pents. It’s very careful in what it measures out, giving just what is needed but not to excess or over indulgence. If I’ve already consolidated, perhaps a little something like this could help me pay things off faster.

What You Get
Six of Swords / Three of Pents
I get recovery… A long sigh of relief. Like I said, it’s been kind of an emotional issue for me, but there is light at the end of the fight. Looks like it’s worth looking into. It’s the best way to get myself off the dock. I will not be as alone as I think I need to be in this… I believe there may be some support to assist with the details. I think I recall in one of my books somewhere that the 3 of Pents can hint at a loan repaid with interest. Well, that is what I’d be doing. Paying it off. That’s what I want. Fuck it… I’m getting on the boat!

6… Adjustment.

7… faith.

It will take a bit of both, but I can do this.


3 thoughts on “At Sixes and Sevens with Sixes and Sevens?

  1. You know what? When I need money readings, I’m totally knocking on your door! You’re able to make sense of stuff that I would just be staring at going “Whu…?” The Queen of Cups just doesn’t “get” money and the Queen of Swords is completely above such mundane matters.

    For a golden-apple-eater, you definitely understand the solidity of earth quite well 🙂

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