Rest… and The Rest.

Rest… and The Rest.

Fuck. The. Tower.

I have a pretty good inclination as to why I shouldn’t attempt to plan a vacation.

My husband is probably going to Haiti for a few months.

Crikey. Holy Jumpin’ Jesus McChrist on a Fucking Crackwhore…

The cards are a bit quiet on this… They say “It sucks over there… He can help. Quitcher’ bitchin’. It benefits a lot of people, including your checkbook.”

I’m having a hard time reading on it, and seem to have my circuits and conduits all jammed with ick, so I’m going to take a reprieve. I need to relax, regroup, and do a bit of work when I’m feeling up to it. For now, I am giving myself a little break. It’s just not working.

The gods are still maintaining radio silence, even Eris, except for Aphrodite popping up a few days ago. That was kind of odd. She’s not one of my usuals or go-to gods. Whatevs. I just don’t have the energy to seek it out. I’m sure hits will be dropped, synchronicities will lock into place, and coincidences will abound if it means anything. If those things happen, work needs to be done.

For now… I’m stayin’ in. Tarot Time is closed for the next few days. I need to rest.


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