Mercury in Retard-Grade Needs a Staycation!

Mercury in Retard-Grade Needs a Staycation!

It’s rainy and gloomy outside. BAH! I’m having a hard time focusing or concentrating today, and it all boils down to one thing… I NEED A VACATION. A real vacation involving a trip to the airport, and cocktails in some far-off-ish within reason locale. It’s been a long time, and I don’t count my trip to St. Balls last fall a vacation. Nope… this needs to HAPPEN! LET’S READ, BEETCHES! I thought I’d have a little bit of fun with this one. No formal spreads… I’m finding that a Q&A approach feels more natural and conversation-like to me. Ask-Flip-Ask-Flip… For me, it’s a good way to delve down to the details without overwhelming myself if there are a lot of pieces and parts. I’m drawing a blank as to what I should do, but I know one thing for sure… Why not use the resources I have? I don’t have a deck handy, so we’ll just have to use Facade. Actually, my connection is bad. I’ll use the Thoth online reader at Sure, it’s a Celtic Cross, but I’ll flip over one card at time. It should work well as any, and my decks are still being cranky. That amazing read from the otherday? MEH. Totally and completely off. FUCK YOU, MERCURY in RETARD GRADE!

And… I guess we can second that. What is up with The Powers That Don’t Be Very Nice to My Ass This Week? Shit. This is a verrrrrrrrry Thothy reading… Smothered in smirkying, snarking, snarling yet witty Thoth Sauce.

She’s a very Thothy girl… The kind you don’t bring home to Ma’at…

Should we try to take a vacation this spring or summer? A *real* vacation? Involving travel by air or a big ass boat with watered down drinks?
The Tower.

Apparently, deck thinks I don’t need a vacation. Too much stuff going on. Or maybe we should, and it’s too soon to tell because of all that stuff? I am thrown by the tower showing up here, so I am going to make a guess that it might be a bad idea to think about this right now. If we do go somewhere, especially somewhere that’s more than a day trip or weekend to the coast, it’s not going to be very pretty. I almost feel like something very bad could happen. I am soooooo not getting on a plane, whether it has snakes on it or not. We’re not going to do this in Spring or Summer. I will probably read again, but dude… this is ugly. It makes me want to smudge out the ol’ psychic conduits with some sage, Febreze, and Clorox to get rid of the ick.

What would be the best place to go?
The Wheel

Ah-ha… If the first question gave me the inkling that it’s time to take my luggage out of storage, I’d probably read this as going to Vegas! But with the Tower, rearing it’s fiery head I am going to take it in a different direction. Things have yet to be set in motion, and there is no telling what ickiness an ill-timed trip could bring, but it could bring some for sure. Where should we go? Nowhere? Somewhere? It’s all too foggy, and could suddenly shift with the flick of Eris’ wrist. Best to leave things as they are, and let fate unfold as it may. No need to push the wheel if it’s going to spin in an ugly direction. I’m not going to go anywhere for now, but there are choices and options yet to be revealed or decided.

Is it going to be too big a financial strain?
6 of Swords

Possibly, yes. My husband will be out of work for a few months this spring while some restructuring goes on, and we’ve planned very carefully for it. I don’t think it will hit us that hard. Yet I feel that spending more than we should on a trip would be ill-advised. We’re doing okay financially, and by spring and summer we will have weathered that storm. Spending a grand or two just to go somewhere fun for a week could really cause us some set-backs. We’d be paddling the boat backwards, not forwards. The goal is the light at the end of the tunnel, not the alternative of sitting there in boat… in the dark… whistling dixie. I don’t want to sit in the middle of the lake. So… we could maybe afford it, but it will make our overall situation a bit more difficult.

Are there any other alternatives to consider?
The Devil

Hmmm… Not sure about this bad boy. Gonna have to unravel this one. So, I am imposing a certain number of restrictions on myself. I want to get on a plane. I want to go somewhere outside of California. I don’t want to spend too much money. I want to get away. I don’t just want a weekend trip. I have to go somewhere I haven’t gone before or don’t usually go. I want to be pampered a little bit. I want a bit of spring-breaky debauch in the form of many cocktails. I want… I want… I want. Me. Me. Me. But, are those things that I really need? There are plenty of alternatives outside of this little basking-on-a-beach-in-Cancun bubble I’ve built up. It’s not good for our finances right now. It’s not good for us for other Reasons As Yet To Be Revealed . Alternatives would be keeping it simpler, mirroring what the Devil stands for. Stay in Cali. Drive somewhere. Spend some time in Nature. Have some drinks, but not in a tropical place. Basically, there is fun to be had without making it all about overindulgence, or luxury that we just can’t afford right now. It’s a good alternative. It’s the same thing we usually do, but it works for a reason.

How should I start planning?
10 of Swords

I shouldn’t start planning. I’m only setting myself up for failure. I can think about it and plan it out in my head, but when it comes down to it, it’s not the right time. No hopes to dash if you don’t over-elevate them in the first place! No whining about it either… The 10 of Swords has a martyrdom component that I find annoying.

When should we go?
The Lovers

Again, in a lot of decks the Lovers is a mirror to the Devil, and I just commented on that being a good alternative. Lovers… I’m getting spring, as in Spring Fever! Perhaps the man and I need to make a little weekend getaway. Simple, but enjoyable. Maybe Tahoe? Napa? All of those are good, close, and not our usual. They’re also not as Towery as going to Vegas or Cancun either. I am getting a sense that a shared experience, no matter where, is what is crucial here, focusing on simple pleasures rather than some glossy travel agency brochure. We might have a damn good time, probably even a better time!

So, maybe a weekend trip, keep it simple, fun, affordable and semi-local?
3 of Wands

Time to hit the highway… Okay! This is good. I am on the right track. This is looking good. I’m thinking that we may also want to go outside of our usual. We always go to Mendocino or Monterrey. We go to Tahoe and Berkeley fairly often. Perhaps we need to branch out a little bit in our travels. We haven’t been to the city in forever, and there is always a lot of fun stuff to do there. OH! And Magnetic Fields is playing there in February! We could go to Muir Woods! Oh… or maybe we could go to Santa Cruz. I haven’t been there in years. Or… Santa Barbara! I’ve never been to Santa Barbara. Or we could do that wine train thing through Napa! Maybe J & S would want to come! Or H & R! We’ve never done any of those things before…
3 of Wands says things look good, stick your neck out, take the risk- it’s worth it, play nicely with others because fun is better when shared.

Mag Fields for now, and plan the rest later?
The Hermit

Gotcha… Mag Fields is for us, but possibly something else can be planned with friends later. Not me first… US first, I am thinking. A bit of rest and reflection before revelry.

SWEET! Anything else you’d like to add?
6 of Pents

I definitely see a push/pull going on here. Give something up, receive something in return. Now is not the time for luxurious jaunts, and quite frankly going far away is not going to change how I’ll benefit from taking a vacation. It doesn’t matter where I go, it’s needed and it will be fun. To air on the side of practicality in light of financial circumstances, it need not be grand nor need it be the dreaded “staycation” (who ever coined that term should present his or her arse for the kicking, and promptly so). Anything out of the ordinary will be good. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. There are greater gifts in simplicity, and I’d rather not deal with those assholes in customs.

Cool… Tower… I am not afraid of you. Jamaica? No. The Oregon coast? Possibly.


2 thoughts on “Mercury in Retard-Grade Needs a Staycation!

  1. First thought I got when I saw The Devil? A long weekend spent indoors, filled with “too much” – food, wine, other… stuff… (light bondage? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!) I feel The Lovers and The Hermit fully support this course of action 😉

    And yeah, The Tower? Stay. at. home. Preferably within reach of a sturdy archway or table!

  2. As far as El Diablo & Friends… I think we both might be correct. BWAAHAAHAAAAA!!!

    I’m thinking suite up in Tahoe… and… I’m bringing some brownies! Good call, Madam!

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