Hell Hath No Fury Like Mercury in Retrograde

Hell Hath No Fury Like Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in retrograde is amping up the ass kickery something awful.

Hey… Pocket Rider-Waite… is tomorrow a good day to start exciting new “Fibromyalgia… Erm… We Don’t Know What The Fuck Is Wrong With You, So Here Are Some Pills” pills?

The Star.

Good. This is good.

Will the pills help?

The Tower. Death. The High Priestess.

FUCK! This doesn’t scare me though. Looks like they’ll tear me down before they build me back up. Well isn’t that lovely. I am going to blame part of this on Mercury in Retrograde. All my readings have been shit this week. The Tower and Death keep coming up, but out of context. I don’t completely believe it here. It doesn’t fit. Something shitty this way comes, except it may not be coming at all. And… I know this. Seriously. I shouldn’t be reading on this at all. I also might need to do some work on the inside. A bit of reflection. I’ve been kind of lax in regards to my health, and my spirituality. Time to start Tai-Chi again, perhaps? Also, I think the side effects will be rough before they start to work, which I expected. I will reemerge better than before, it will be brutal?

How will they help in the long term?

The Emperor. Strength. The Hierophant.

Good. It’s more about establishing new routines, and summoning my inner-reserves to stick with them. One of the things my doctor recommended was low impact exercise or cardio, whatever I can do without pain or strain, I must start doing it regularly. I need to slowly build up my flexibility again. I was doing well until a few years ago. Recent set backs have taken me back years, pain wise. I do feel as if this could help. If I could overcome some of the other symptoms, namely the pain and exhaustion that hangs out all the time, the stomach issues, the food intolerences, the constant pain, the headaches… Yeah. Exercise? If I can get past that shit it will help. Obviously, it’s imperative. The pills might help a little, but they aren’t enough on their own. It looks like I will need to take some classes too, which I was planning to do. One of my co-workers is a personal trainer, and has convinced me to take a Zumba class. Whatever the fuck that is. I’m starting Tai-Chi again soon too. Tai-Chi is the perfect balance between the Hierophant’s love of patterns, order, and highly-articulated yet graceful movements and the High Priestess’ sense of placid calm, grace, introspection, and insight. I used to get the kundalini-spine twisties during that shit, so I know it works. I don’t even remember why I stopped. I can start again. Yoga sucks for me.

There are no downward dogs when the muscle under your scapula feels like it is being peeled off with a paring knife.

Of course, I knew all this already. Sometimes, I don’t need the tarot to guide me. I call on it as a friend I trust. I just need it to give me a second opinion. “Am I right? Am I crazy? What do you think?”. It doesn’t change it in the scheme of things, but it’s nice to have a back up.

Closing thoughts?

Nine of Pents.

I do have a lot of resources… Most of them are within myself. I am her, in this case. There is good up ahead, but I will be more or less doing it myself for myself. I can be healthy. I can feel better. I just need to get past this Towery patch. Look at her… She knows what’s up, and so do I.

This can be done… Fuck you and the horse you flew in on, Mercury in retrograde! A pox on your baboon babbys! BAH!

This made my brain hurt. Weasels, you understand. BAH!


2 thoughts on “Hell Hath No Fury Like Mercury in Retrograde

  1. Trust the Erisian to be able to make sense of a Mercury Rx reading 😉

    I hope the pills help you and I also think that going back to Tai Chi will be a big help (with taroty stuff too). Zumba is NOT low impact! Stay AWAY! The 9 of Pents does not Zumba, no, no, no.

    How is baboon babby formed?

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